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Andrew Kibe has responded to claims that he has been simping on Kenyan socialite Shakilla.

The young lady shared a screenshot of her DMs with Andrew Kibe.

She hit out at the former Radio Presenter for preaching water and drinking wine.

In the screenshots of part of a conversation, Shakila calls Kibe a SIMP despite the image he portrays online.

"Y'all are simps this is the same guy talking trash about me on YouTube but wanna hit on the dms."

Some parts of the conversation include one of Kibe asking her about her inner wear.

She responds; "What's the meaning of this please?"

Shakilla exposed Andrew Kibe for hitting on her.


Kibe now says although he sent Shakilla the DM, she deleted part of the messages to make it look like he was the desperate one

"This was in July 2020 when I was still at Kiss at the height of Covid. At the time Xtian Ndela's  Club covid' show was very popular.

There is a photo she had sent and that was what I was responding today."

Kibe added that Shakilla sent him a message recently and then screenshot it to make it look recent.

"She sent the message today and sent it to make it look like its an ongoing conversation.

When she removed the photo (context) she makes me look like the bad person.

This is some stupid shit.

I have been inboxing her but why would you screenshot a message to trend?"

Do you agree with Kibe that Shakilla just wants to ride on his fame?

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