• The duo serves couple goals online.

• Dj Dibul explains why they became Instagram official.

Dj Dibul and Dorea serving couple goals
Dj Dibul and Dorea Chege. Dj Dibul and Dorea serving couple goals
Image: Instagram

Maria show actress Dorea Chege has been inspiring her fans with her cute bae, Dj Dibul. The couple has opened up about how they met, and their love blossomed.

Their real names are Beatrice Dorea Chege and Dickson Ndegwa Nyathore. They first met during a high school mentorship program. 

"We met in my former high school, where she came to do a talk. She does student mentorship sana sana high school, I also do the same, so tulikuwa tumeitwa. I used to go to that high school, so that's where we met.

Dorrea agreed saying, "So yeye  alikuwa ana Dj mimi nilkuwa mentorship, so nikamcheki and I was like hhhmmm, but I was focused na kazi so sikuwa na hiyo interest ati at first," she continued.

Dj Dibul though has had a crush on her and was in her DM's which she always ignored.

Dj Dibul said, "I already knew her nilikuwa namjua mimi. You see when you go for mentorship in schools, you are sent for a poster and told you will be with this chick. So I knew her, nilikuwa namuona but si ile deep but nilikuwa namjua, but not in that deep way. So that time I was eager to meet her but alinijua that time, hiyo siku."

Their encounter wasn't a love-at-first-sight type of relationship. "For her I don't think so, for me pia siwezi sema ni love but ni ile kulike unajua huwezi penda mtu love inaenda ikigrow hakuna haja nikuchoche," Dibul explained.

Dorea also agreed that it wasn't love at first sight. Dorea also disclosed that he shot his shot via DM, but she would only respond with a 'Hi".

"Actually I noticed I used to say a lot of Hi's," he noted.

Dibul defended his DM's saying it was to get her attention for approval of the poster about the mentorship in his former high school.

"Si tutakuwa na yeye kesho, so I decided, let me inbox her and say hi before the function. So that we don't appear to be strangers at the function ati tunajuana.

Heh, looking at the inbox I saw I had sent too many Hi's." He felt ashamed and wanted to unsend the greetings. 

"But I guess she never saw my DM's.

So once they met at the school event, who said I love you first? Dorea pointed at Dj Dibul. He agreed "Of course I did. But this was after a while. After imekaa vile inafaa kuwa."

Dibul believed he declared his love at the right time. 

They made their relationship Instagram official because; "You can't hide love. Huwezii ficha. Ni kama kikohozi. As long as it's not something bad we are doing loving each other is not bad. I didn't see anything wrong in finally confirming our love." 

Their respective families have met. They all get along and are happy.

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