• The couple has three kids together.

• The DJ has revealed that his wife was diagnosed with acute kidney injury in April this year.

DJ Krowbar with his wife Wanjiru Karumba. She has been undergoing dialysis after being diagnosed with Acute Kidney disease.
DJ Krowbar with his wife Wanjiru Karumba. She has been undergoing dialysis after being diagnosed with Acute Kidney disease.

Former Tukuza show host Fredrick Ngatia, aka DJ Krowbar, has every reason to celebrate as his wife turns a year older today.

The celebration is brought about by the fact that his wife Wanjiru Karumba had earlier been diagnosed with Acute Kidney Injury.

The diagnosis has affected the family as this means Wanjiru has to be on dialysis. Taking to his socials, Krowbar captioned;

*Long post alert and photo dump*Today is my wife’s birthday. This is the most special birthday I have ever had with her.

The reason is; this could have ended differently. Some of you might know but for those who don’t know; here we go.

Unfortunately in April this year my wife was diagnosed with Acute Kidney Injury. 

In layman's terms, this means her kidneys are functioning below 15% and we began a journey that took many weeks for us to accept the sad reality; dialysis. If we hadn’t gone to the hospital the day we went today would have been a different story.

So, for the last seven months, we have followed the instructions from medical practitioners as we faith the rest of this journey."

He says the waiting journey has not been easy, further asking his fans to keep his wife in their prayers.

"It has not been easy; other days we laugh till we cry other days we cry because we are so beaten. All in all, @wanjiru_karumba and I chose to be optimistic, hopeful, and courageous taking one step at a time.

Babe, I am glad we are together in this storm; we are in the fire but God has covered us with grace we don’t smell like smoke.

And another thing babe, I am convinced one day, this season will be a testimony for many to be encouraged out there."

In conclusion, he penned;

"So, today I ask of you to speak a word in faith over my wife’s health as we celebrate her birthday. We believe in prayers; more so prayers from the community of believers. 

Two or three can put the flight to 10,000. Happy Birthday, Babe! To many more, another great year begins."

Happy Birthday, Wanjiru_karumba.

From us at Mpasho.co.ke we hope and pray that Wanjiru is able to beat this condition.

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