'2050' Ugandan motorbike has a steering wheel (video)

KOTU reactions after a man shares a clip of a unique Ugandan motorcycle

Piece by: Shakila Mohammed

• A Ugandan man was spotted carrying a woman with a unique motorbike.

• The motorcycle is marked as a 2050 invention.

Boda boda rider
Image: The-Star

A few days back, a man from Uganda was spotted driving a unique motorcycle that took people's attention online.

The bike is apparently a '2050' motorcycle that is totally different from the current motorbikes and something that spiked reactions online for its make.

In the viral clip that surfaced online, one can see how the boda-boda holds a wheel just like that of a car and it could be presumed of being withdrawn from the "Tuk-tuk"

The boda-boda happily carries his customer and to him, everything seems okay.

KOTU members cautioned the boda-boda man saying an accident could occur anytime. The keyboard warriors couldn't let the new motorbike rest.

Read some of the comments they had to say below;

Bo Xhoffisa@boxoffisa·Nov 19Replying to @PirateMulwanaI laughed coz it looks fun but illegal stuff man doing. He should stop it to save lives. Lol.

Amon Rushondo JR@JrRushondo·Nov 19Replying to @PirateMulwanaThe brand new Pikipiki aside Where is this guy taking her?????? Amutwalawa Nayeeeeeeeeeee

Replying to @PirateMulwana and @ronkalsUganda zaabu!

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