• On her Instagram, Miss Donna gave her relationship advice.

• She has often said she is single.

Tanasha Donna.
Image: Instagram

Tanasha Donna seems to have love on her mind. And more to that about a life partner. The singer took to her Instagram to express her thoughts about real and fake love during a Q&A.

"Quick question how do you know when you are in love? Like seriously I need answers like below like now," she posed

One person said, "If that person brings you peace and you don't have to change anything about you, to please him."

Responding with her opinion Tanasha said, "Very wise response because a lot of us tend to wanna change ourselves to please a guy where you end up being not your authentic self, genuine self instead you wanna be what you think this guy likes."

A fan asked, "Just tell us who is that giving you sleepless nights?"

Tanasha said nothing.

Another fan weighed in "When you feel comfortable around him ..it ain't about thinking of him nah plus don't confuse lust with love."

Tanasha agreed, "Yes I have some wise fans if a guy is not texting and calling you every day or checking on you every day or at least every other day he is not for your period, if a guy can go four five days without talking to you he is not that into you."

Another fan said; "Emotionally connected and can't stop thinking about the person."

TD said;" Very true not just emotionally but spiritually mentally connected as well super important like if we are not connecting mentally eh." (signaling cutting off a man with her hand)

Another fan said; "You want to spend a lot of time together."

TD said; "Coz if you are not frequently trying to spend time with me."

Tanasha Donna in Dubai askign about love
Tanasha Donna in Dubai askign about love

Earlier this year Tanasha told Mpasho in an exclusive interview about the kind of man she likes.

At the time, she was rumoured to be dating Nigerian singer Omah Lay when he was in Kenya.

Lay made his Kenyan debut performance in October last year after headlining the first Pizza & Wine Festival at Royal Gardenia Gardens on Kiambu Road.

A day later, Donna showed her vacay in Mombasa. 

The following day, he posted images of his view of the ocean in Mombasa, then Tanasha did the same, prompting rumors. He denied it in a media briefing.

She has insisted she was single.

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