15 celebrity kids with huge Instagram followings

The children of your celebrity have their own IG accounts

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• One has a following of close to 700k followers.

• The children are adored by their famous parents' fans.

celeb babies and their huge IG followers
celeb babies and their huge IG followers

Kenyan celebrities have a penchant for opening Instagram pages for their kids, which makes sense considering how lucrative those pages can become when monetized.

Below are some Kenyan celeb kids who have a large number of followers on their Instagram pages. Let's begin;

1. Princess Asia Brown

Asia Brown is the daughter of Vera Sidika and Brown Mauzo. She is one year old. She has amassed 106k followers so far.

2. Tumi Mathenge

Tumi is the firstborn of Nameless and Wahu Mathenge. Tumi is 16. She has over 78k followers.

3. Heaven Bahati

Heaven is the firstborn daughter of Diana Marua and Bahati. Heaven is 4 years. She has over 690k followers.

4. Baby Aj

The daughter of Grace Ekirapa and Pascal Tokodi recently got an Instagram page this week. AJ is  7 months. She has 2k followers.

5. Malaika Bahati

The third born of Diana Maru and Bahati was born on November 1st. She is three weeks old. She is a few days old and has attracted a following of almost 23k followers on her Instagram.

Her face is yet to be unveiled.

6. Ladasha Wambo

Ladasha Belle Wambo is the daughter of Dj Mo and Size 8. Ladasha is 6. She has over 432k followers.

7. Astra Kamau

This is the daughter of actor Tyler Mbaya and Georgina. Astra was born in May 2022. She has a following of 17k followers on Instagram

8 . Majesty Bahati

The second born of Diana Marua and Bahati is a boy - Majesty. He is 3. He has 289k followers.

9. Haseeb Kai

Haseeb is the son of Nadia Mukami and Arrowbwoy. Kai has 20k followers on IG.

10. Sky Muriu

The son of Akorino beauty entrepreneur Carey Priscilla has over 11k followers.

11. Muraya Jnr

Sammy Muraya, the son of Dj Mo and Size 8 has 73k followers.

12. Taji

The son of Kabi and Milly wa Jesus has 196k followers.

13. Mueni Bahati

The daughter of Bahati and his baby mama Yvette has 136k followers

14. Morgan Bahati

Morgan the adopted son of Bahati has 187k followers.

15. Naseeb Junior

The son of Diamond Platnumz and Tanasha Donna has 232k followers.

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