Jackie & hubby explain why they ‘dressed poorly’ at Wakanda premiere

I felt I looked good and sorry that I didn’t meet people’s expectations - Matubia

Piece by: Shakila Mohammed

• According to Matubia they received the invite to the event late and it was difficult for them to get the right outfits.  

• Jackie and Blessing defend themselves over trolls for Wakanda Outfit

The couples say it was never their intention to dress poorly
Blessing Lung'aho with Jackie Matubia. The couples say it was never their intention to dress poorly
Image: Instagram

Kenyan celebrity couple Blessing Lung'aho and Jackie Matubia have come out to explain themselves after being trolled over their Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Premiere outfits. 

Matubia explained that it was never their intention to dress that way as the invite to the event came late.

"The invites to the Wakanda Fan Screening came late and there was no time for us to get prepared but we wouldn't say no since we are getting paid to go for such events," Jackie Matubia defends her ' poor fashion sense.'

The two went on to explain that they could not miss such a big event because they are paid to attend, 

"You guys have really trolled us, some saying I forgot my cosset home, others that I was going to a baby shower.

"The invite came on Monday mid-night and definitely we saw it on Tuesday, and the event is on Wednesday… we tried calling the big designers in Kenya and they were all busy.

Matubia personally stated that she didn't have enough time to prepare an appropriate outfit for that event.

Even after being criticized by her online family, the internet sensation said that the dress that she wore to the event was made in just a few hours by one of her run-to designers.

Jackie explained that they had to show up for that event no matter what as they had been paid to attend the screening.

"I felt I looked good and sorry that I didn’t meet people’s expectations and we could not miss going to the such event because we are being paid for it and we need that money,".

They said; We will do better next time 

However, a section of their fans felt like there was no need to explain themselves to online critics as that was a waste of time and energy.

moniekarocho You don't need to explain anything,being misunderstood is the new flexi,hawa watu waliambia mzee abebe punda😩

_li.dali Jackie should not even explain to people why she wore what she wore.... people should just mind their own businesss

kimathi5224 Kuna job opportunity Kwa hii field ya nguo, msiseme sikuwaconnect😂😂

damaris.awuor7505 You don't have to explain but now that you have why did you even show up???

ketchup_in_the_city_  have you heard, they get paid. ..You who paid you???? 😂😂😂... You did make fun of them.. who paid you????? atleast them they got paid. What about you ?? Your here blurring in tiktok about people have you seen yourself....@jmatubiaand@blessinglungahocongrats 😍

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