• The find memory will forever live in her mind.

• Kanze has not said what she will be doing next after exiting State House.

kanze dena exit party from state house november 15
kanze dena exit party from state house november 15

More details about the surprise party Kanze Dena was treated to are emerging. A snippet of how it went down at the surprise party was shared by the former State House spokesperson on her IG account on Tuesday, November 15.

The mom of two in the video appeared pleasantly surprised after her former colleagues at State House threw her a party to celebrate her tenure.

“Jamani najiaminia kwa ma surprise….hapajatokea mtu akanifanya walivyonifanyia team yangu ya PSCU…🤣🤣 MERCY! Nashukuru jamani. Haikuwa rahisi….uwepo wenu…umoja wenu..na heshima pamoja na Mungu tulivuka. Watu wa Ministry!..PAMOJA TUSONGE MBELE!!! MAPENZI TELE. MUNGU MBELE,” she captioned.

Kanze shared a cute photo of her outfit for the big party. The white gown fit her to perfection telling us the theme of the party.

The journalist's video gave us a glimpse of her arrival and the way former PSCU staff jumped out screaming surprise for their former lovely boss.

Dena has also changed her profile photo on Twitter (BELOW) to show fans how her friends celebrated her time at State House.

kanze dena exit party
kanze dena exit party

The new Spokesperson is Hussein Mohammed whom Kanze ensured got a rousing welcome to his new job. Dena expressed confidence in Hussein Mohammed’s competence while taking up the spokesman position.

“Kazi kwako…. natambua uwezo wako,” she said. 

Her fans want to know what she will do next.

hi M.@makhaspa·NWill you be asking for your old job at royal media services back?

ogusu@CatherineMogusu·You are my role model,bravo for the great work you did in our TV's,live to glow more and more,wish I could even have a chance of saying hae or even salute from a distance,it will be an achievement in my life,good day

@Desert_Hawk_254Go getter! You challenged us a lot while at KBC. God's speed in all areas of your life.

@DuduAbdalla1·Hope to see you back at Citizen TV..

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