• The Bonfire Adventures CEO told about her ad news on Monday night.

• Sarah and her husband Simon have two children.

Couple Sarah Kabu and Simon Kabu receiving the award
Couple Sarah Kabu and Simon Kabu receiving the award

Bonfire Adventures CEO Sarah Kabu has sadly revealed she suffered a miscarriage. The couple was ready to be parents again.

Speaking to YouTuber Eve Mungai, Mrs. Kabu spoke about having lost twins, and the hurt they dealt with. Sarah was due to deliver her bundle of joy early next year. 

"I feel so bad although I got to accept coz I've been blessed enough with two beautiful babies. . I am expecting some twins which were supposed to be due in January."

The miscarriage has not crushed her dream of trying again.

"Things didn't happen but we thank God for everything. We leave it to God but I'm still hopeful that maybe if it as hi ill for that to happen maybe it will happen one day sooner than later."

Sarah was to deliver in January 2023.

She also spoke about her special link to Diana Marua and Bahati's newborn Malaika. "I feel a special connection to that  baby in a special way now that I can't wait to go visit her."

Sarah was among Kenyans who suggested the name Bahati and his wife should name their unborn baby at the time they put up the question.

She was accused of having had prior information about the baby's gender.

She defended herself that other suggestions were not unusual and that the Bahati's should go with the name Malaika.

"By the way to be frank I had no memo.  I was just excited I had been having the baby fever so when I saw they were approaching to get their baby I was supposed to be due in January so I started feeling like oh no like oh this could almost be me in January."

So when I saw them asking for Kiswahili names you know even my babies have Kiswahili names so they are not so popular. My son is called Mtalii, and Anita is called Starehe. So when I am giving my babies names I always like including a Kiswahili name." 

Sarah thanked the Bahati's for going with her choice.

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