• The Mbona hitmaker is still searching for a wife despite getting several proposals from women.

• Daddy Owen gives a Tiktok girl a blink of an eye. 

Daddy Owen has received over 1000 marriage proposals
Daddy Owen has received over 1000 marriage proposals

Kenyan gospel singer, Daddy Owen, has been a talk of town after insisting that he wanted a Kienyeji woman as wife.

The Veteran strictly wanted a local wife, who was not active in TikTok and one who is eloquent in English.

Earlier yesterday, the disability activist seemed to have been impressed by a girl from TikTok whom to him, was a fine thank you kienyeji woman.

The gospel artist stressed on how people have been lamenting him of being too rigid and not settling for one even after being given samples.

To him, it's like all vienyeji girls are on TikTok to a point he has no option.

He stated;

"Nimeambiwa niwache kusumbua watu, ati vienyeji wote wamebaki wako tiktok sahii.. but huyu ana burst moves wueh."

The musician got all from his fans, some lamented the girl saying that the liked girl was just in uniform and his not a Kienyeji.

Read some of the comments;

joycehinga She's good, hii sio born Bush, hii ni born tao

brandon.msafi aai huyu ni born tao. ni nguo tu amevaa😂

waiyego_mwangi Her moves hivo ndio atakuwa  ana move akispin kitchen 😂😂the food might be tasty 😋 Na kafirifiri Kwa umbali

kasisi_wa_wanati Daddyowen -system ya vienyeji😂😂😂sasa si ya kapungala...

deeleilahassan Huyu c kienyeji ni vile anaplay hiyo part ya kienyeji😂😂😂😂😂

The system ya kapungala hitmaker received a proposal some few backs from a lady from Kakamega identified as  Sharon.

The girl cried loud for a hand in marriage from the musician, giving out her qualities and assuring the artist she would deliver to him.

Sharon later directed Daddyowen on how he can track him.

 "Niko ready for marriage, naweza kuomba,najua  kuimba,nitakufulia vizuri na nikuoshee nguo ungaree,Niko na miaka 22, natoka Kakamega , Khiwesro,teremka makunga,anguka Musango. Mimi ni mtoto wa tatu." she said

The Mbona hitmaker has not yet settled for a wife despite getting several proposals from women across the country.

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