• The stage name 2mbili is a result of a special person in his life.

• He spoke to Kamene Goro on Kiss TV.

comedian and content creator mbili on facebook
comedian and content creator mbili on facebook

Content creator 2mbili has opened up about how he got his stage name. On the Good Vibes segment on Keep It Kiss, 2mbili told Kamene Goro that he was 28 years old and has seven children. He wants 10 in the future.

The details about 2mbili's s little-known life were revealed on Game Time's Truth or Truth on Saturday, November 11th.

What would he want to be remembered for? '"I want to be remembered for being careful."

He explained his reason was because of his children.

"These days every step I make I make for my kids. So I have to be careful y'all."

He wants to have ten kids in total and hesitatingly told if he is dating

"I'm taken by life, but I can't say I'm single. There are like ten women watching me right now," he joked

His real name is Andre Duncan Oduor and he hosts a youtube series called celeb ride. 

Worst moment on stage? He recalled almost dying as a result of an angry reveler.

A stand-up comedian, 2mbili described a horrific moment

"In 2014, I'm performing in some club Tribeca a ka drunk guy saying tuwke ngoma, tuekee ngoma then the guy s being ignored, o he decided to act. He threw a bottle at me, It missed me. If it hit me I wouldn't be alive, so it hit the wall and some mchanga came out."

One habit he wants to get rid of but is hard?

"My bad habit is kunyonga. I do it like a doctor's prescription after every meal I have blisters "

His best pickup line?

"I don't have a pickup line, mi hutokelezea,  depends on the situation. But when I tell a chick I lost my mum in 2002, ladies feel so sorry for me they like this and feel sorry for you. I lost my mum at 22. Actually, the 22 is why I call myself 2mbili."

2mbili in 2018 told Nation Life and Style his humble start was in UoN.

"While at Nairobi University, I got tired of asking my dad for pocket money. Every time I requested for upkeep, he would promise to send me some cash a few days later. I got tired of waiting and started thinking of how I could make a few coins of my own.

I decided to take on comedy in 2013, while still a first year. I linked up with comedians such as YY, and Sleepy (David), who weren’t popular then. We did several auditions, including “Churchill Show”, but I wasn’t really willing to be under any management.

That’s why it’s taken me a while to put my name out there. I may not be known to the public but I’m a force to reckon with among the players in the laughter industry."

2mbili has performed in many comedy shows including; Laugh Festival, Extreme Comedy Night, YOLO (You Only Laugh Once), 22 Reasons to Laugh.

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