• Police advise that, in the unfortunate case that one is confronted, they should comply with the demands made of them and not argue, fight, or resist.

•  In case of emergency, Kenyans are also urged to call the Nairobi Area Police County Control at 020 3556771.

Dr. Resila Atieno Onyango the Police Spokesperson

The National Police Service (NPS) has made public the Nairobi crime hotspots where gangs are allegedly operating during the recent period of increased insecurity.

A survey on Nairobi's crime statistics was undertaken, and the results, according to a report provided to newsrooms on Monday, showed that the gangs target people of all ages, businesses, M-Pesa operators, and private dwellings.

Part of the report states that "witnesses have reported that the majority of crimes are perpetrated in broad daylight."

The Drive-In flyover up to KCA along Thika Road, KCA underpass, Total exit along Thika Road, Globe Cinema roundabout, and Kipande Road are among the locations where the criminals operate that have been listed by NPS.

Other areas are ABC Place, Kangemi along Waiyaki way, CBD (River Road, Archives, Kirinyaga road and Fig Tree.)

Tips on how to avoid mugging in Nairobi;

1. Avoid walking alone in the darkness, try as much as possible to get home before dark.

2. Reduce the use of mobile phones, tablets and laptops in traffic (especially if you do not have tinted glasses)

4. Take note of parked cars, and individuals loitering around you.

5. Do not carry ATM cards when not absolutely necessary.

6.Do not leave bags, wallets or any valuable item on the chair of your vehicle when parking in a public place as it attracts criminals.

7.Keep your car doors locked and rolled up at all times.

8. Evaluate the amount of money to be deposited in your M-Pesa account.

9. While driving home, look out for cars following you, look out for cars parked too close to your gate, watch out for unfamiliar individuals in your neighbourhood.

10. Highly advisable to install CCTV systems in your homes.

11. Those with security fences, ensure they are working.

The attackers are allegedly employing a wide range of strategies, including muggings, assaults, violent robberies, carjackings, murder, home invasions, and burglaries.

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