'Natoa nguvu wapi' Kinuthia not ready to get babies

• Kinuthia's sexuality has been a topic of discussion among Kenyans.

• He has on different occasions refused to divulge whether he is male or female.

He says he is not ready to be a dad.
Tiktoker Kevin Kinuthia. He says he is not ready to be a dad.
Image: Instagram

Kenyan TikTok sensation Kevin Kinuthia has told of fans pushing him to have kids.

The content creator known for his cross-dressing antics says he is still very young to be a dad.

"Sina Mtu,sina gari nguvu ya kupata mtoto natoa wapi' he questioned.

Official Kinuthia.

Kinuthia recently underwent a weight loss procedure.

He says that he wanted to lose weight so that he can continue with his jobs.

Speaking during an interview with Mungai Eve, he shared;

"I cannot go to the gym because I know once I am home I will order junk food. I would get tired of performing simple tasks and that is when I knew I had to take action. 

I remember there is a day I was going to visit a friend close by, hata sikufika. My legs couldn't bear it anymore, I had to call a cab despite the distance being very short."

Kinuthia hopes to get to at least 80kgs.

"When I swallowed the balloon I was at 138.6 kgs but now am at 133.9 kgs. I was trying to look for something simple to lose weight without having to go under the knife."

The renowned cross-dresser lost some business deals (fashion related) as some of the clothes wouldn't fit.

"I love fashion but I lost some deals because sometimes the dresses would refuse to fit. I would try fitting only for me to find out hakuna size yangu,".

How does he handle body shamers?

"I do not let them affect me, wataongea wachoke."

Is he afraid that once the balloon is removed after 4 months he might go back to his former weight?

"By then I will have adjusted my mind to eating smaller potions."

Other celebrities who have swallowed the balloon include influencer Lorna Mweu (Mamake Bobo), Cate Actress, and Jackie Matubia.

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