Eric Omondi shocks Sakaja during surprise meeting

The comedian promoted his plays 75% bill to the Nairobi governor

• Eric has been pushing for play 75% on Kenyan airwaves.

• He currently has a bill on the same in parliament.

75% struggle still on
Eric Omondi. 75% struggle still on
Image: Instagram

Comedian/digital content creator Eric Omondi seems intent on making his latest project #Play 75% KE an actual thing and he will go to all lengths to actualize it.

Eric just posted a video of himself hanging out with Sakaja (well the governor made it clear that he was just passing by but let us stick with hanging out) at a car dealership yard.

In the video, Eric seemed pressed to let Sakaja know of his bid to revolutionize Kenya's entertainment industry.

In the video Eric is heard saying to the governor, "So there is this thing that most countries have for playing their local content, only Kenya doesn't have..."

He went on to add, "Tulianza then tukaenda elections so it was on hold. It was already there..."

Then governor Sakaja replied by letting the comedian know that he'll work on setting a motion for the bill but Eric excitedly tells him that he's already tabled that.

Weird that the governor did not know about this following the antics Eric pulled last week.

Eric went on to caption the video, "Had a candid conversation with Nairobi Governor H.E Johnson Sakaja on the #Play75% Local Bill in Parliament.

He was shocked to hear that Tanzania Plays 75% of their Local music and movies South Africa 80% of their local Ghana 85% of their local Nigeria plays 90% of their own movies and Music."

Kenyans however seem a little tired of Eric's crusade especially since he's not a musician and it's not as if the comedy side of our industry is anything to brag by.

Taking to the comment section this is what a variety of netizens had to say:

bae_binene:He seems not interested 😢😂

cliffe_x:Sasa tafuta Joe biden😂😂😂

bk_rwaki:You failed to mention that out of all those countries....only Nigeria is truly international. It does not matter if you play 85%, the songs have to be good first and need to appeal to a larger audience.

_kelvin_ace: While Eric Omondi plays 101% TZ music😮😂

__iannoh__: Playing kenyan music is not the problem ... The problem is the consumers of the content😂 hio huwezi force hata radio zicheze 75% ke watu wataacha kuskiza radio na waende Boomplay kuskiza ngoma wanataka

freddieh_daktariwamaji: Na isikuwe ni job unatafta hapa...anyway ukipata pia sisi tunataka😂

djafroamingosofficial: We are not interested with your motion aki, kuna vitu muhimu kwa art.

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