King Kaka's 5th album will have 17 music videos!

In September 2021, King Kaka confessed he had been ill for 3 months

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• The rapper is now recalling his journey being misdiagnosed.

• The doctors gave him only four weeks to live.

The rapper has revealed that he will be releasing 17 music videos this year
King Kaka. The rapper has revealed that he will be releasing 17 music videos this year
Image: Instagram

Rapper King Kaka has announced that he is set to drop his fifth album in December. The musician in a note to fans, explained that he has been handed a second chance at life since his illness a year ago.

The album will have 17 music videos.

"One promise I made was to give gratitude, something we often take for granted. Inspired by what I’ve been through I am Officially announcing my next body of Work , My 5th album Titled #2ndLife that drops this 24th December. I am excited , genuinely excited. 17 Music Videos!!…"

The rapper thanked fans for supporting his music career, as he reflected on his health scare from last year.

Kaka then shared a before and after picture of his health status

"See God!! It’s been 12 Months + , that’s me on Frame 1(still can’t believe it) and that’s me now on Frame 2. Almost everyone I keep meeting asks if I am better now. Yes I am! All the prayers and everyone who had an hand in my recovery Asanteni Sana. One promise I made."

king kaka was sick and lost 33kgs
king kaka was sick and lost 33kgs

He has not forgotten that experience and recalled that life-changing moment. The first indication he gave that he has been unwell was a short caption.

"Hospital ceilings are really boring, always pray for good health," he wrote.

Worried fans asked questions that were answered over months. In 2021, King Kaka got a diagnosis that would forever change his life.

His problem started with a sore throat after a family trip to the coast that led to many hospital visits.

King Kaka said that it got so bad he had to seek medical attention and he was given some antibiotics.

“I have never been that sick with such a bad sore throat. I was being injected four times a day. Three weeks later the sore throat came back. I lost my sense of taste. At first, I thought it was Covid. My skin became abnormally smooth and I realised I had lost weight,” said King Kaka.

He said he had been sick for more than three months after he was misdiagnosed.

"I was misdiagnosed. Lost 33kgs and in the process, we started hospital visits. Did all the tests and they were negative. Funny thing is I feel no pain and we are still hopeful we will get the solution soon," he shared.

The rapper thanked his wife Nana Owiti for standing by him through the trying time.

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