Owago Onyiro's comment about death worries his fans

Comedian Owago Onyiro has prompted concern after comments about a burial

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• The comedian has been in the US for some time

• A few months ago, he had a near death experience

owago onyiro in america
owago onyiro in america

Comedian Owago Onyiro has made some remarks that are concerning according to his online family.

On his Instagram, Owago told; "When I die I want my relatives and my close friends to carry my casket so that they can let me down one more time,".

The message was in a black-and-white post. 

Owago further added "Volume iko juu ama Niongeze????"

Many of his fans have reacted to his message asking if he is okay.

barbie_shii Unamean what?

xifna_dunco Hehehe hii ni gani 😂😂😂🔥

Another fan asked Christine.Otieno.5477 Kwani kunaendaje huku.....????

In August this year, the comedian confessed to a near-death experience.

Owago who is currently based in the US and narrated how he passed out for close to four hours.

He was in Dallas, Texas, and shared an Instagram post telling how he found himself in a medical facility.

"It has been hectic for me the past 4 days. Fainted and passed out for almost 4 hours. Saw real death and came back......... Trust me I am not dying anytime soon again in Jesus' name..........Thank you, Lord, for making me live again."

His worrying update about cheating death broke the hearts of his fans and followers.

Owago appears to have developed a breathing problem when he jetted off to the USA.

He spoke to the Standard at the time and told that medics saved his life when his condition deteriorated.

A picture of him surrounded by medics on August 3 told of his dire situation.

"Trust me, I am not dying anytime soon again in Jesus name. Thank you, Lord, for making me live again. I cheated death on this fateful day. Thank you Lord once again for saving my life," he said.

Tests were done but he did not disclose what was ailing. 

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