Juma Jux reaction to Vanessa Mdee's baby number two news irks netizens

Vanessa Mdee is expecting baby number two with fiancé Rotimi

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• Vanessa announced a baby girl is soon on the way.

• Juma Jux her ex boyfriend is being trolled about her good news.

He has been marketing boxers and women can't keep calm.
Juma Jux. He has been marketing boxers and women can't keep calm.
Image: Instagram


Jux has teased that he has something new just hours after her baby number two announcement.

On his Instagram, Juma Jux has alerted fans that "I'm speechless" adding "Tomorrow 10am" 

It appears to be a song, and it will be interesting to hear what his message will be this time round.

Fans are saying he is unable to move on while reminding him that Vanessa is now happy and expanding her family with Rotimi.

Fans have taken note of how happy Vanessa Mdee is in her new relationship compared to when she was with Juma Jux.

@FumboKhan2019·Jux kashindwa kumove on kwa Vanessa mdee.

Other fans are saying he may just be capitalizing on her good news for Pr for a new project.

Jux also responded the same way when Vanessa told of her first pregnancy in September 2021.

juma jux post after vanessa mdee baby 2 announcement
juma jux post after vanessa mdee baby 2 announcement

On her first ever baby news, Jux dedicated  song to Vanessa. 

Jux released the slow ballad, titled 'Sina Neno' and the song's cover art showed clearly what the lyrics would be about.

The image was of a look alike woman in black and white cradling a baby bump  and a ring visible on the hand. There are also red roses splattered. 

“Mnapendana na pendo liko kasi kasi, mki postiana Instagram Status. Tulishafunika mambo ya zamani yalishapita,” Jux sings. 

The Bongo crooner told in a heart post that he has be best of intentions for his ex Vanessa, that he prays for her and her new man, wishing her well as she starts her family.

“Sikuchukii nakuombea, maisha mema ya furaha, Mungu aonyeshe njia, silii mimi nimezoea,” Jux belted his heart out on the track, insisting that he is happy for Mdee and has accepted that they have both moved on.

Jux and Vanessa dated on and off for six years. 

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