Samidoh's daughter with wife Edday graduates (Photos)

The 12-year-old girl is in a boarding school.

• Edday and Samidoh have dated since their high school days.

• Samidoh has two kids with nominated Senator Karen Nyamu.

Their 12 year old daughter has graduated.
Samidoh and wife Edday. Their 12 year old daughter has graduated.
Image: Facebook

Kikuyu Musician Samidoh's firstborn child with his wife Edday Nderitu has graduated.

The mother of three shared photos of her in a graduation gown and hat, pampering her with love.

The 12-year-old girl is in a boarding school.

"Let your dreams be bigger than your fears, your actions louder than your words, and your faith stronger than your feelings," Edday captioned

Commenting on his wife's post, Samidoh hailed his daughter for the achievement.

He stated that he has been challenged as his daughter graduated before he did.

 "Haka kamegraduate mbele yangu aki. I have to pull up my socks now. Congratulations, little mummy."

Samidoh's daughter graduates.
Image: Facebook
Samidoh's daughter graduates.
Image: Facebook

The couple was recently in Mombasa for a family vacation.

The Mugithi maestro was in the company of Edday and his 3 kids.

The singer and his family stayed at one of the poshest hotels in the coastal town for about three days.

This comes a few weeks after rumors that he had neglected his family and that he had moved in with his baby mama senator Karen Nyamu.

Samidoh had allegedly left his matrimonial home in Kahawa, following frequent domestic wrangles with his wife.

On her social media, Samidoh's wife, Edday Nderitu, talked about side chicks thinking that they are more special than their wives.

A social media user identified as Bernice Saroni shared a post asking why side chicks get the strength to feel special when they already know there is another woman in the picture.

photos of Samidoh spending time with his wife Edday
photos of Samidoh spending time with his wife Edday
Image: courtesy

Bernice advised them to stop breaking families and get their own men. "Where do side chicks get the strength to tell a married man to promise not to break my heart or cheat on me?" she wrote.

"Women, how special do you think you are then the wife? Don't be a devil in someone's marriage, they are a lot of single men huku nje."

Samidoh's wife Edday Nderitu was among the women who commented on the post.

Edday said the person to be blamed the most is the man and the woman also thinking they are better than the wife.

"It all starts with a man who doesn't respect his family, then comes a side chick who thinks she’s better than the wife," she wrote.

Samidoh is still making moves in the music industry. Tomorrow, Friday he will be performing in Egypt.

Later in October, Samidoh has a scheduled music tour in the US that will end in December this year. On his social media, he told his US fans to prepare for good Mugiithi shows.

"Americans will put up with anything as long as it does not Block traffic.😜SAMIDOH USA TOUR 2022. Prepare your dancing shoes."

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