6 of the most expensive things Vera has done for daughter Asia

Vera digs deep in her pocket to spoil daughter Asia

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• Vera has told she spent sh25k to buy Asia her birthday outfit

• The socialite isn't afraid to spend crazy amounts on her daughter.

Vera Sidika with Asia and Brownn Mauzo.

Vera spares no expenses when it comes to her family. The socialite-cum-business woman will spend whatever it takes to make them happy.

Case in point her daughter Asia's first birthday party. The lavish event went down last weekend on October 22nd. The invite showed us that she would go all out for Princess Asia.

"It’s about to go down!!! @princess_asiabrown birthday party this Saturday 22nd Oct. A castle party fit for a princess. This will be magical," Vera announced in the card.

Her dedication to motherhood showed in another message to mark Asia's birthday.

"For many years I postponed this phase because I was scared of motherhood. I was clueless. Still am. Because It doesn’t come with a manual, but all I know is, as moms we always do the best we can for our little ones. I’m so proud of myself for making that decision & taking up the role as your mom."

Below are the some of the expensive things Vera has spent on Asia;

1. For her daughters first birthday, Vera disclosed to inquisitive fans that her dress was imported at a cost of 250 dollars (Sh30K)

The dress was described as an Esmeralda pink dress made with silk tulle and silk satin top. The dress comes with a matching head piece.

Her reason for going expensive? She put it aptly; "Quality over quantity, never compromise."

2. When Vera was pregnant, she informed Kenyans that all her childs baby needs would be imported from the UK or the US.

Asia's crib was also imported and cost sh300,000 according to the socialite. The details were revealed when at Asia's six month birthday.

"Can't wait to unveil Asia's nursery. At six months. So magical. Damn. Girl be sleeping on a bed worth Sh300,000 from the UK," she wrote.

She added;

"How I wish I had this life as a newborn. Kweli it's true, we work hard to give our kids what we never had. Aki God bless all mothers doing the best for their babies."

She also assured parents that they should do what is within their means.

3. For Asia's half birthday, Vera made her a baby prenuer.

Vera launched a baby hair product company for her daughter.

The business is handled by the famous mum, and has well over 6k followers. It's not cheap to launch a hair care line in Kenya.

Asia is the CEO of her organic hair care line.  The aim is to make Asia a global brand owner.

"Our main goal is to expand natural skincare for babies across the globe and make mothers aware of the effects oftoxic and harsh chemicals contains in some mainstream baby products & redirect them to the use of naturally made baby brands like Asia Brown Babycare."

4. Diapers

Vera showed off organic imported diapers she bought for her baby.

The Hooru organic baby diapers from the USA impressed people as to how much the socialite is willing to spend on her daughter.

5. VIP delivery room and transport home

Only the best to bring in baby girl. Vera paid for the most exclusive hospital bed, and the transport to go home after a short hospital stay.

6. Baby shower

Vera spent close to sh800k for her baby shower.

On welcoming the baby, Vera dropped major coin to entertain family and friends.

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