#TheRoundUp: Akorino twins disappointed by Kenyans, Ivy Chelimo denies dumping bae over fame & other stories

Nadia Mukami explains why she shaved her hair.


• 'I sometimes blame myself for my daughter's death' Jerinda Andayi.

• 'We expected 150,000k subs,' Akorino twins disappointed by Kenyans.

who feature on our weekly segment #TheRoundUp
Vera Sidika, Maxwell Mwamburi, Ivy Chelimo, Akorino Twin and Diana Marua who feature on our weekly segment #TheRoundUp

After a week that has been dominated by the news of the vetting of CS Nominees and the arrival of Miguna Miguna #TheRoundUp is here to once again usher you into a beautiful and relaxed weekend, with top trending Entertainment Stories.

So, lets get to the business of the day;

Vera claps back at critics over baby Asia's hair

Vera Sidika's daughter Princess Asia has a personal hair stylist who does home visits to do the little girls hair.

On Mashujaa day, Asia was turning one. Vera had arranged a photoshoot, and the two were twinning. Their hairstyles to the green outfits.

The hairstyle got KOT talking, something that forced Vera to respond, saying,

“Lakini ushamba ni mbaya (Being backward is a bad thing). People who

“Lakini ushamba ni mbaya (Being backward is a bad thing). People who experiment on different hairstyles will tell you how light Marley Braids are.

As light as a feather, and with how I treasure my child, there’s no way I would ever put anything harmful or heavy on her."

The one year old did not seem to mind the hairstyle as she smiled for the cameras. Vera continued;

"So before you, all judge, sit down and think, then do some research. The concept was a mommy-daughter shoot.

We had to have a similar look that fits best with what we chose."

Maxwell Mwamburi asks girls to stop hitting on him

Pastries boss Maxwell Mwamburi just revealed he is currently taking estrogen powder.

This comes just a month after he revealed that he is planning to undergo a gender reassignment surgery.

During an interview with content creator 2mbili, the popular influencer said, "I can change my identity and probably go abroad for surgery to correct my privates."

Maxine revealed that he had been approached by a company and is currently being paid heavily to take the estrogen powder.

" I am being paid every day to take the estrogen and I also want to use myself as a case study for it," Maxine revealed on his insta stories.

The entrepreneur proceeded to add, "If it works well I will encourage others out there to use it and on more natural and organic supplements to use especially to gain weight,"

Responding to a Q&A sticker he said, "I love Nairobi more! Mombasa... maybe on holidays, maybe. Next up is Paris, backward never."

Maxwell revealed why he was closeted for so long
Cake boss Maxwell Mwamburi Maxwell revealed why he was closeted for so long
Image: Instagram

He finished off by asking girls to stop hitting on him and trying to seduce him as it was getting uncomfortable for him.

"Ladies stop it! It is not funny anymore. I am so gay guys. Stop it!" Maxwell cried.

Netizens bash Otile over 'language barrier' excuse

Kenyan singer Otile Brown has elicited a heated debate after saying the biggest challenge for the Kenyan music industry is the language barrier

Speaking after landing from the US, Otile alleged that Kenyan musicians can’t compete with Nigerians on an international scale because of language.

“People know the truth but they don’t want to talk about it. Ukweli ni kamba ni Lugha. That’s the truth. The difference between our industry and the Nigerian Industry is the Language and we can’t compete with Nigerians on that,” Otile stated.

He went on to question the number of Kenyan videos that have gone international.

"How many songs from East Africa have gone international? Or you can perform for a different crowd

“So what is limiting us as Kenyan artistes is the language, if we want to be successful internationally we must compromise a bit on language, There is no other thing, You can’t say like you people are not working hard,”.

In all generations in the Kenyan music Industry, there is no generation that has been successful like this one. So you can’t bash people like that.

“People like Khaligraph are building houses, Bahati pale…the other could not do that, so you can’t just castigate people like that, it not good. And we have to love our own because we are sending a very bad image out there.

The statement has sparked an interesting conversation online with a section agreeing with him and others in total rejection.

Wizkid and Jada welcome baby number 2

Nigerian singer and songwriter Wizkid has just welcomed his second child with his manager and girlfriend Jada Pollock.

Jada who is an American music executive and talent manager posted a black and white picture of herself lounging on a sofa as she cradled a newborn baby with one arm as her other child looked on kneeling beside her on the couch.

Jada shared the picture in celebration of getting to clock another year around the sun.

She captioned the adorable photo, "beyond a blessing. Thank you, God, for another year!"

Wizkid himself has been pin-drop silent in regard to the newborn. However, it is not surprising as when it comes to personal matters the "Essence" hitmaker keeps it very low-key.

The two welcomed their first child together back in 2017, a baby boy by the name Zion Ayo Balogun after secretly dating for quite some time.

The singer has two other kids with different baby mamas.

Stop calling me Mheshimiwa - Bahati

Singer Bahati has warned his followers to stop referring to him as Mheshimiwa months after losing the August General election.

Taking to social media, the Adhiambo hitmaker asked his followers to stick to referring to him as Bahati.

"Sielewi Mbona Bado Watu Wananiita MHESH... Niiteni tuu Bahati Please."

Bahati recently returned to social media after a two-month break with a new song 'Mambo Ya Mhesh'.

He has been missing in action since he lost the August General elections.

In the comment section, Bahati told his fans to forget about him being in politics as he is back in music.

"Hii Mambo Ya Mhesh Wekeni Kando.... THE KING IS BACK!!! Tell Me. What Happened While I Was Away???"

Bahati was vying for the Mathare MP seat under the Jubilee party.

Bahati lost his bid for Mathare North mp.
Bahati lost his bid for Mathare North mp.

Eric Omondi lectures promoter after conning South Africa's female DJ

Comedian Eric Omondi has come out to lecture a promoter who allegedly conned a South African Female DJ Chichi and left her stranded in Nairobi for over one month now.

In a clip shared on his socials, Omondi gave the promoter in question 6 hours to reach out to the DJ or else he will smoke him out – make him pay dearly for his ‘bad behaviour’.

The comedian said that the Amapiano DJ had hotel bills for over Sh200K, with no return ticket to South Africa after the promoter abandoned her.

“So this is DJ Chichi from South Africa. She has been stuck here for weeks now with Bill's mounting to over Ksh 200K after a Kenyan Promoter brought her here and ghosted her and left her without pay, Accommodation, or an air ticket!!!

“This is my order to all promoters in this country!!! Do not!!! And I repeat do not invite any more foreign artists until we have an order. First of all, you are killing our own, and then secondly you are shaming us abroad!! do not!!! And if you try I'll ensure your event flops!!! Try me idiots😡😡😡😡 try me!!!

The funnyman went on to allege that the  DJ was conned $400 by the promoter. 

“She was conned her money – about $400 by a promoter that is known… he is a thief who is walking free on the streets of Nairobi. 

“I’m giving you 6 hours to get her a business class ticket to pay her Sh200K bills, pay her money because you are a thief and con.

“I’m coming after you after 6 hours and this is the last artiste who will come to Kenya and be conned,”

Vera Sidika celebrates Asia's first birthday

Vera Sidika is today a happy mum as her daughter Asia is celebrating her first birthday.

Taking to her socials Vera celebrated her daughter, confessing her undying love for her.

"My sweetest @princess_asiabrown ever since the day that you entered this world, you took over my whole heart and that feeling has only grown since then.

I have so much love for you, sweetheart. You might not realize it now but in the years to come, you will look back at this early stage of your life and see exactly how loved you were! Happy Birthday my heartbeat."

Vera caught many by surprise after she threw Asia a party when she turned 6 months.

 A half birthday is a day approximately six months before or after the anniversary of a person's birth.

The half-birthday event was held on Saturday, 11th June 2022 at a private residence. 

Vera promised to throw a first tooth party for her princess.

'I sometimes blame myself for my daughter's death' Jerinda Andayi

Radio Personality Jeridah Adayi has opened up on how losing her daughter affected her young family.

The mother of four says she blamed herself for the death at some point.

Speaking during an interview with Citizen Digital, she narrated

"Am a mother of four children but I lost my second baby when she was two years four months, a big child. That was a long time ago, in 2008. If she lived she would be 16 years today but I still deliberately make her part of the family. My children know she is the second born so my two daughters know they are not the eldest of my daughters, there is someone else who went ahead of them,".

Although the little girl was unwell Jeridah did not think the circumstances that arose after that would lead to her demise.

"I think the most difficult thing about me losing my child is that I don't think everything I could to save her life. Sometimes I feel like did I fail my own child, is there anything else I should have done to keep her alive, it just happened so fast, she was unwell, then we go to the hospital, and they said she needs to be admitted so we put her in an ambulance and go to the hospital, for her admission," she explained.

Unknown to her an accident that would change the course of things was bound to happen.

"That time she was fine as I held her then on our way the ambulance hit another car head-on. Unfortunately, she slipped off my hands as a result of the impact and was hit in the head, she did fall but with that impact, everything stopped but I did not know because she had fallen asleep, it happened so fast, by the time we got to the hospital, the child was technically dead," she added.

She blamed herself for the death of her daughter but has since accepted the loss.
Jeridah Andayi. She blamed herself for the death of her daughter but has since accepted the loss.
Image: Facebook

The doctors tried resuscitating the baby and thankfully she came back to life but there was a problem, the doctors said the brain had been damaged and it had been severe to an extent that she was not going to live a normal life.

She was put in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for seven days but everything went from bad to worse as she was only alive on life support machines.

Under the guidance and advice of the doctors, they agreed to have the machines switched off because there was hardly a thing that could be done to better her health.

Nadia Mukami explains why she shaved her hair

Singer Nadia Mukami has revealed why she shaved her hair. 

The mother of one who is currently working on her weight loss journey opened up saying that she lost her hairline when breastfeeding.

"So that happened, I shaved my hair because of lactation. Whenever I breastfeed, my hair falls off and my hairline is no longer there," she said.

The singer went ahead to make it clear that the decision to shave her hair had no other additional motivations.

"I decided to chop my hair, not for anything. It's not like I feel bad, I feel good and I am enjoying the process," she added.

A few days ago, the 'Kai Wangu' hitmaker talked about how hard it was losing weight after she gave birth.

Ivy Chelimo comes clear on claims of dumping her man

Ivy Chelimo, the creator of the viral Riggy G nickname has come out to address a man claiming that she dumped him after getting fame.

On Tuesday, a Twitter user by the name of Alvan Kirui Jnr alleged that he used to be in a relationship with Ivy but she dumped him on her parent's advice.

“This will always be my favorite picture I took of you. I can't believe your parents can advise you to leave me at my lowest. You know I love you, just remember all I've been doing for you, Ivy,” the man captioned Ivy Chelimo’s photo on Twitter.

However, in a quick rejoinder, Ivy sought to clarify that she has never met Alvan Kirui Jnr and that his claims are baseless.

“Please I do not know anyone by the name Alvan Kirui and I have certainly not been involved with the person claiming in any way whatsoever!! Disregard any information circulating regarding the same,” Ivy Chelimo warned.

'We expected 150,000k subs,' Akorino twins disappointed by Kenyans

Clout chasing is a tactic that has worked wonders for different artists, the likes of Vera Sidika and Zuchu, but it was not one coined with the Akorino twins in mind.

Speaking to Mpasho's Mary Ng'ang'a, the Akorino twins revealed that nothing good had come out except for the hate from netizens, which has been pressed down, shaken together, and is running over.

"Hatujapata anything good out of the whole thing, hakuna opportunity zimekam, ata watch time ya YouTube hatujapata."

Peter, Emily's fiancé, noted that before the video went up, they were at 200 subscribers and had now steadily grown to over 3K.

"Before we went online with the story, we had less than 200 subscribers, and currently we are at 3.3K."

While thinking it was a good thing, Peter said it was a disappointment as they expected 150,000 subscribers minimum.

"We were expecting ifike 200,000k subs, 13o, 000k au 150,000k subs ikienda chini sana, considering ilijulikana kila place."

He continued to share his regrets in coming up with the idea, as it has not been worth the hustle.

praying for Akorino twins Peter and Teddy Kimathi and Emily Peter's grlfriend
Pastor T Mwangi praying for Akorino twins Peter and Teddy Kimathi and Emily Peter's grlfriend
Image: Instagram

"I regret that we pulled the stunt, we have never been negatively affected in our lives as we have experienced the past few months."

Going deeper, Peter mentioned they lost friends and received a lot of draining negative energy.

Akorino model Carey Priscilla claps back at critic

Popular Akorino model Carey Priscilla is not going to shy away from showing off her baby bump.

Carey who recently unveiled her pregnancy shared on her socials that she has been receiving unsolicited messages from fans who want her to stop showing off her baby bump on social media.

The bold make-up artiste shared a video of her bump while wearing a revealing bikini telling off her haters.

Carey said she does not fear any of the bad things haters are talking about in her DM as she has already prayed for her baby even before she went public about her pregnancy.

"Allow me to address this for the sake of unsolicited DMs and comments about me showing off my baby bump. So, before you tell me how society is evil hence I should not post my baby bump, you have no idea how much we prayed for our second baby," she wrote.

Carey who doubles as a model, actress, and make-up artist went on to say that she does not follow some social rules that dictate how she should live her life.

Bahati and Diana reveal their child's gender

Diana Marua was overcome with emotion when she learnt that she was expecting a baby girl.

In their latest YouTube video, the Bahati's held a gender reveal party where we see the couple get overcome with joy at the pink smoke from balloons indicating it was a girl they were having.

"So happy" Diana shed tears as she knelt down to praise God.

This will be their third child. They have a first born Heaven, the second born is a boy named Majesty.

It is still not clear when the pink and blue themed affair went down. 

In the video, Bahati confessed that they betted on the gender, and now he has lost and will pay up.

"I had embraced it was a boy, I thought I was going to have a boy. I have lost the election twice. I lost the election, then I lost the er-ction." Bahati joked about the gender of their unborn child.

The emotional mother of two almost collapsed expressing her thoughts about the gender of their child as Bahati held her close urging her to relax.

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