• Otile has responded to the criticism and hasn't backed down from his initial claim.

• The singer explained that Kenyans had to find a smart way of incorporating English into their music if they want to compete abroad.

The singer was attacked for saying that singing in Swahili is an issue when trying to compete for global audiences
Otile Brown. The singer was attacked for saying that singing in Swahili is an issue when trying to compete for global audiences
Image: Instagram

Otile Brown was the subject of ridicule yesterday after claiming that the reason Kenyan music isn't able to compete abroad is because of the limitations of Swahili.

The comment got him into trouble with many Kenyans who pointed out the fallacies of that statement considering how successful Nigerian artistes are abroad singing their local languages.

The backlash has caused the normally controversy-averse Otile to respond. Using his Instastories the Afro Soul singer started out by calling out the criticism that had been issued towards him.

He said that his intention wasn't to downplay the importance of Swahili (which had made him a big artiste) but to start a conversation.

He then defended his position giving the example of a emerging musician called Lexil who was dominating the charts on Spotify with his song 'Bounce'.

Lexil's secret according to the 'Dusuma' singer was how the artiste had incorporated some bits of English into the song.

The light-skinned crooner went out to call out actor Nick Mutuma telling him that being global wasn't just limited to Swahili audiences but others in countries like England.

He then explained that artistes who sing French and Spanish enjoyed benefits that Swahili singers don't enjoy as their fan base is much larger.

He then concluded by saying that his arguments above proved his point. He then urged Kenyans and the East and Central African region to engage in this conversation.

He also reiterated that he was proud of Swahili and he would keep on singing in the language.

What do you think? Do you agree with Otile's point of view or can Swahili music compete on a global stage unfettered.

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