Musician Nameless under pressure to get a baby boy, he responds

Nameless said he appreciates any gender of a child

• Fans are pressuring Nameless to get a son.

• Nameless and his wife Wahu welcomed their third daughter a few days ago.

The couple have revealed the gender of their child.
Wahu and Nameless The couple have revealed the gender of their child.
Image: Instagram

Musician Nameless has been forced to address fans who are pressuring him to get a baby boy after he welcomed a baby girl a few days ago.

Nameless has been flaunting videos and photos of him with his three girls explaining how happy he is to be a father of girls.

In one post, Nameless said he has realised that it is not about the gender of a child but about how the parent brings the child up by molding their character that matters.

"Meanwhile, I came to realize with my second baby Kio, it's not about the sex of the baby, it's about how you will bring him or her up and help mold their character. That's what really matters! I continue to pray for wisdom to guide yet another beautiful soul to be the best she can be to herself and the world... I am a happy soul and ready for this newly added purpose!"

A fan identified as Daphine member commented;

"Tafuta Kijana boss. Your legacy, we are Africans."

Responding to the comment, Nameless said used the comment to encourage his fans not to just follow beliefs without questioning and looking for better ways of living together as people.

"Saa zingine tunjiangusha na traditions that are outdated.

I understand that we have been taught to follow our culture or tradition without question, but the truth is we are suppose to use our wisdom to identify the parts of our culture that are unfair or unprogressive and let them go, as we adopt more progressive, fair and better ways of thinking and living ... Cultural evolution is where my leadership flourishes..."

Here is what Nameless' fans said about the comment;

Rosaline Wanjiku: Big up to you Nameless. The sex of the child does not matter enjoy successful fatherhood. That African mentality of boy child is a better child is not in you. You have a blessed family.Some men have left their wives bcoz of bearing girls alone and other boys alone.You are a good example.

jeannetteshiru: True story..I know an old man...had 3 beautiful daughters..chased them away with their mother for not having boys.he re married,had 3 boys.his wish was granted..boys grew up into of today,2 are drunks and 1 is still "figuring" himself for the 3 girls,now women,they are super successfull,got their PHDS..and are breaking those glass ceilings,holding some very big big my friends,lets not..lets just not be this shallow...congratulations once again Nameless and Wahu

mrlenny254: Well said. Mtoto ni mtoto whether boy or girl..haijalishi

organicbrwnsuga: That statement speaks volume to the author’s biases and issues! We move! Children are a blessing…whether boy or girl! Congratulations to you and Wahu! You are blessed and highly favored…lots of sugar and spice and all things nice! Those beauties will spoil you rotten in your good, ripe old age when that time comes…

xerah5: 😢 this is extremely SAD, as a society we should embrace girls too, I know of a man who left her wife because she bore him 3 beautiful girls and no son.

evegitau01: Its even sad when its a woman who wrote that... just because she doesnt blv in herself thinks every other woman is useless to lead.

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