KOT amused at man's hilarious tale of being stuck in his bathroom for 4 hours

Man locks himself in the bathroom for some odd hours

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• He describes situation ot Kenyans on Twitter

• KOT break out in laughter over his unfortunate incident

kenya man locks self in bathroom
kenya man locks self in bathroom

A Kenyan man who locked himself in his bathroom at home for close to four hours detailed his amusing incident to KOT.

In a hilarious account, Twitter user @johnny_m254 told about his situation unfolding most hilariously.

He began

"My bathroom door has refused to open y'all. Now I'm locked from the inside without food. The good thing is I had my phone with me. I don't know what to do from here, it's been three hrs now. Any hints on how/what to do"

He added about a friend coming to his aid

"I thought it was not something that big to bother friends with juu I've been opening and closing this lock for months until today. Now I've been inside for hours trying again and trying again. I've called a friend and they're digging it out. I just want to get out"

He was mercilessly mocked about living in such a house compared to upgraded bathrooms

"The fact that not even the area women rep has come out to help tells the kinda country we living in.

The key has refused to work, I'm trying to 'dig' the lockout but the wood is too hard I guess. I'm beginning to get worried that I'll deplete the oxygen inside here and asphyxiate to death"

He was finally rescued and heaved a sigh of relief

"Wueh! I'm out guys. That was scary! Never wish sth like that even on your worst enemy! Esp if they've claustrophobia ama if they watch movies. To make it worse I watched Thai cave rescue just last weekend"

Why did he have his phone in the bathroom?

He told a curious person "Naskizanga Grauchi nikioga"

He provided another hilarious update about being stuck in the bathroom

"3hrs 42 mins since I entered this haunted bathroom"

Another KOT asked why he lives in a house where the shower has a locked door and he told

"Bro I've worked very hard to be in a house with a bathroom. Kwani how hard do y'all want me to work? there's a party to be beaten and life to be lived?"

After being helped out, a popular Kenyan asked if she can bring him food and he assured her "Nimetoka thanks, but you can come over and help with PTSD"

Reactions to his unfortunate situation include:

@LeonardWekesa11·Unajifungia aje ndani ya bathroom na unaishi pekee yako? Your home should be where you walk naked, eat from the sufuria, and use the restroom with the door as wide open as possible, no?

@LevyNyangaresi·It's advisable not to lock yourself in the bathroom to allow easy access to rescuers incase you collapse and need emergency help

@leengugi3·Ingia kwa choo jiflash tokea the other side

@FreewordKE·Uko peke yako kwa nyumba na unafunga mlango wa choo?? Why now??

man locks himself in bathrrom
man locks himself in bathrrom
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