Njugush frustrated at Wakavinye's reaction to thugs robbing him

Comedian Njugush on Friday told of a horrific robbery in Nairobi CBD

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• Njugush was terrorized by armed robbers.

• His wife and friends have reacted to his experience.

Njugush with his wife and son
Image: Instagram

Comedian Njugush had a terrifying experience at the hands of armed robbers on Thursday night.

On Friday October 7, Njugush took to his Instagram to narrate the incident that horrified him as he headed home from work at around midnight.

Njugush said  he came across a woman limping on the road which prompted him to slow down.

In a series of Instagram posts on Friday, the comedian, who has since reported the incident to Nairobi's Central Police Station, wrote about the terrifying experience.

"She smells [alcohol] but I guess ni stress so I teremsha kioo kidogo. She says she has kids who've not eaten for days," wrote Njugush on Instagram.

"She looks beat and she told me she fends for herself because of an accident She tells me hataki pesa kama niko na food iko kwa gari nimpatie."

His wife has since reacted and posted a video consoling him after the robbery.

"Now you know better right?"

The comedian was robbed from on Thursday night
Njugush. The comedian was robbed from on Thursday night
Image: Instagram

He agreed with her as he rested his head on the couch. Celestine then assured him that she wasn't laughing at him, but telling him to know better. 

"I know you want to laugh at me," Timothy told his wife as he now held his head in frustration.

"Timo I can't laugh at you bwana but now you know better, sindio?" she responded.

"I don't even know what to think, but now I know better nijikute!" Timothy pointed at his head blaming his kindness.

Celestien reminded him that Nairobi is full of people waiting to take advantage of kind people "Sometimes its good to not..inaudible."

The father of two then agrees and says he won't help again, "Sitaki ndikwenda."

Njugush's brother Ngigi has also responded and consoled Timothy writing, "Eeei pole ndugu blessed njgush. Ni kama hii kanairo hakuna huruma bana. Wheuuuh!!"

Close friend Abel Mutua was tickled reminding Njugush about how dangerous Nairobi city is. 

"Huyu Blessed Njugush kwani alikuja Nairobi last week but one? Hajui town?" while adding laughing emojis.

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