Bobi Wine detained in Dubai ahead of concert

The musician is in Dubai for a charity concert

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• The concert is to raise awareness about African employed in the UAE.

• His phone and passport were taken.

bobi wine detained in dubai
bobi wine detained in dubai

Ugandan musician Bobi Wine has claimed that he had been arrested in Dubai.

The singer-cum-politician is in Dubai ahead of a charity concert in the country to highlight the plight of Africans working in the UAE, after numerous cases were made public.

The concert was to free for stranded Africans and was aimed at raising the much needed funds for Ugandans to travel back home.

He updated fans on social media saying how his phone and passport had been confiscated.

"Landed in Dubai at 8:30pm. It’s now 5am. I’ve been held & interrogated for 8hrs. They asked me about NUP, it's leaders, their phone numbers, my family members & their contacts! I have all necessary travel docs. They’ve confiscated my passport & my phone. Am literary under arrest."

He added that he was hopeful things would go on as planned;

"In Dubai to perform at a charity concert to assist some of the Ugandan immigrant workers. Been held at the airport for almost 10 hours, being interrogated mostly about NUP! My phone and passport have now been returned. Hopefully things go as planned. Will give an update. Thanks."

In a tweet dated September 11, 2022, the 'Ogenda' singer stated that it was a well known fact that hundreds of Ugandans are stranded in these countries with no help.

Many of them want to return home but have no funds to facilitate their travels.

“On 8th Oct, 2022 we shall be live in concert at Abu Hail Club Stadium in Dubai, and on 9th Oct, 2022 in Abu Dhabi at Villagio Hotel & Resort,” he wrote on Twitter.

Mr. Wine was held for 12 hours and revealed how agonizing it was writing,

"After 12 hrs,( 8:30pm to 9:30 am) I've been finally allowed into Dubai. Hoping that our charity concert, which seemed to be the source of these issues, will be allowed to proceed. We're only trying to raise awareness and assist the many Ugandan and African Immigrant workers."

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