Babu Owino slams lady trying to shoot her shot at him

The said lady had taken to Facebook to let Babu know that she thought he was good looking.

• Babu Owino is married Fridah Muthoni and together they have two kids.

• He and his wife met 10 years ago at the University of Nairobi. 

turns down a lady shooting her shot at him
Babu Owino turns down a lady shooting her shot at him
Image: Instagram

 A screenshot that has been making rounds of Embakasi East MP, Paul Ongili popularly known as Babu Owino turning down the advances of a lady who tried shooting her shoot at him.

The virality of the said screengrab has excited netizens.

The lady, identified as Jaber Nyiri Achiel took to her Facebook page to try and shoot her shot at Babu by highlighting that she thought the MP was good-looking.

"@ Babu Owino, how was your day Mr. Handsome man?" Wrote the lady, accompanying the text with a waving hand emoji.

Babu clearly in good spirits, caught wind of the post as he was tagged on it and decided to respond.

" I went to church with my wife and kids then took the kids to play." You thought it'd end just there. I mean he'd just been asked about his day, but Babu in true fashion had to be Babu.

He went on to add, " It is now time to play with my wife."

A little too much information if you ask me, I mean it's equally cringing to me.

The lady was left astonished and had no reply to that. His reply, however, excited netizens with most praising him for putting the lady down while others made fun of his last statement.

Babu Owino slams lady shooting her shot at him
Image: Facebook

Babu and his wife, Fridah Muthoni met at the University of Nairobi over 10 years ago and together they have two children.

The entrepreneur (Fridah) is never afraid of showing the world how much she loves her hubby and recently while celebrating his birthday she heaped a lot of praises on him.

"I love you babe…deeply, endlessly, and forever. Thank you for your love and support. You are an extraordinary husband and an incredible human being," she said.

Babu has also never been shy from praising his better half occasionally referring to her as a " solution and not a problem."

In a previous interview, Babu asked his wife why she has never given up on him and in her response, she said he is a loving man with a heart of gold.

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