• Campus students are the best candidates for this type of donation.

• It is mostly women who choose their sperm donor.

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It has now emerged that men can store their sperm for later use courtesy of the Nairobi IVF Centre.

IVF is when an egg and a sperm are mixed outside the body using a test tube and the embryo is then put back into the body within 5 days.

Below are some interesting facts about sperm donation in Kenya;

1. The first drop is what contains the sperm. That is what is needed. If you miss it, what comes later is just fluid so it does not help.

2. Do not use petroleum-based lubricants, instead use water-based lubricants instead. 

3. Donors have a profile detailing their health status and age among other things. Clients chose donors based on this education.

4. Local clinics can liaise with international clinics to send a sperm sample to in case the donor is abroad.

5. Sperms can be stored for eternity as long as the conditions are right.

6. One is given monetary benefits eg fare to cover his movements. 

7. One can come twice in a week, so if a session is 5,000 then you do the maths.

It depends on who is being paid. To someone that 5,000 might be a lot but to some it isn't.

According to Doctor Joshua Noreh most new couples realize something is wrong after a year.

"Those people who get pregnant immediately means their fertility is good. Those who delay might need to see a doctor."

Sperm donation does not matter whether you are rich or poor. What matters is that you want to help a couple that cannot be able to sire their own kids.

Women are majorly the ones who chose who the donor will be. Would you be willing to donate your sperm? Share your reasons why...

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