• Juliani was celibate when he met Lillian Ng'ang'a.

• It is not clear for how long he had been celibate.

The rapper was celibate when he met his wife Lilian.
Lillian Ng'ang'a with Juliani. The rapper was celibate when he met his wife Lilian.
Image: Instagram

When Juliani met the love of his life Lillian Ng'ang'a, he was celibate and was not looking for love. Their meeting was unplanned just like their love story.

Celibacy is the state of abstaining from marriage and sexual relations. Sharing his experience with Patrick Igunza during an interview on Hot 96  Juliani narrated

"I was celibate at that time I did not want anything to do with women because I was at a very good space.

But things took their own shape but people tried to make it look like something it wasn't and that is sad."


"I met her randomly last year, we started talking about stories on consciousness and spirituality"

Juliani said that women are not like clothes to be stolen.

"You can't steal someone's lover, it doesn't happen like that. People like suck kind of allegations and they will push the lies but that's not how things went down."

The 'Potential' rapper said that he was celibate when he met Lillian
Juliani with Lillian Ng'ang'a The 'Potential' rapper said that he was celibate when he met Lillian
Image: Instagram

Reasons people practice celibacy include

  • Preventing pregnancy or STIs
  • Waiting for a certain level of romantic commitment
  • Focusing on school or your career
  • Managing mental health concerns
  • Managing physical health concerns
  • To reduce stress. Some people prefer to set aside those worries entirely by not being intimate.
  • Healing from trauma or grief. Abstinence gives them time to focus on their emotional needs so that they can recover.

In a recent interview with Mpasho, Lillian gave details about their wedding which caught many by surprise.

The mother of one exchanged vows with Juliani at a super-secret wedding in Nairobi during her birthday in February 2022. Only one photo of her wedding could be found online.

Lillian was dressed in a baby pink flowing wedding gown, and Juliani had a snow-white T-shirt with an ivory jacket, dark-colored pair of trousers, and white sneakers.

Juliani had three groomsmen, while Lillian had two bridesmaids who wore shoulder lavender gowns.

The wedding theme colors were white and black. Less than 50 guests were invited.

"There was nothing much to plan so it took us less than two months," she said.

She said the photo that circulated online was from some people who had a picnic at the venue of her wedding. She wished the people respected their privacy.

"That was wrong. Weddings are private. For anyone to see the need to share, it was wrong. But everything happens for a reason," she said.

The couple welcomed their first child this year.

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