Pastor Kanyari back on TV with another 'panda mbegu' scheme?

Prophet Kanyari clip doing his 'panda mbegu' scheme

Piece by: Naomi Waweru

• Kanyari returns with a replenished 'panda mbegu' message.

• A video has gone viral of Kanyari promising his followers triple blessings.

The former pastor was captured in a video asking for donations
Victor Juma. The former pastor was captured in a video asking for donations
Image: Instagram

Self-proclaimed and controversial prophet Victor Kanyari is back with his scandalous 'panda mbegu' escapades.

Now branded as Bishop prophet Mwangi.

He has made headlines on the internet yet again, following his previous scandalous con-scheme that angered thousands of Kenyans.

In his previous scandal the Salvation Healing Ministry preacher conned his faithful sheep by asking for a full ksh.310 in exchange for 'miracles' that never were.

He was exposed back in 2014 by journalist John Allan Namu and KTN’s Jicho Pevu reporter Mohammed Ali.

He was said to have changed contacts to avoid being caught, used different identification cards and deceived unknowing faithful all in the name of healing them while secretly being paid to do 'miracles'.

A recent clip shows him delegating 'the exchange' process with his remaining faithful flock. Below is the viral clip:

Kenyans reacted with mixed reactions after watching the clip. Some of those comments are below;

__lynox_ Na watu mupande mbegu muwache kuteseka 

oscar_musonye Spiritual betting 

_.etern._Ukituma 1000 nakutumia millioni kumi Wueeeh this round ata mimi naona nipande mbegu. Imepanda na economy ama bado ni 310/=

The man of the cloth has been seen soliciting for donations
Pastor Victor Kanyari. The man of the cloth has been seen soliciting for donations
Image: Instagram

Could this be another potential scandal?

This isn't the only scandal gospel singer Betty Bayo's ex husband has been involved in.

In 2017, Kanyari was accused of leading a baby theft and human sacrifice syndicate within Nairobi.

The revelation was made in a city court where Mercy Makone Nelima a woman who had allegedly aided in stealing the baby, had been arraigned to answer to child theft and human sacrifice case.

Since the 2014 case he has tended to avoid the limelight until this recent clip.

Being a man of the clothe and such controversies paints a bad image to not only him but other authentic men of the cloth.

The big question is why there are people who still follow and adhere to the word of his mouth. Is it desperation or faith?