What to expect from annual Nairobi Festival announced by Sakaja

'Vibe of the city', holiday set aside by Nairobi governor Sakaja

Piece by: Naomi Waweru

• Sakaja is not dillydallying when it come to making Nairobi a fun destination.

• The Governor at the same time welcomed partnership with the Chamber of Commerce to improve the ease of doing business within Nairobi. 

who have announced an Annual Nairobi Festival
Governor Johnson Sakaja who have announced an Annual Nairobi Festival
Image: Twitter

In a meeting with the Kenya National Chambers of Commerce Nairobi governor Johnson Sakaja launched 'Vibe of the city' an annual festival set to be held in December.

The said festival will be out to celebrate the Nairobi culture through food, art, and creativity. According to the County Boss, the Festival will go down after the Jamhuri Day celebrations.

What are Kenyans to expect from a cultural holiday here in Kenya?

Typically a cultural festival entails soaking up in everything culture, enjoying the food, getting caught up in the beat of the music, and engaging with your favourite artists.

In his speech, Sakaja mentioned that photographers and videographers are now free to film in the city without any prohibition.

If this is implemented the cultural festival will mean more job opportunities for creatives whose majority is the young people.

The hustling scenery that goes on in Nairobi is enormous.

If these traders are given a safer and better working environment without harassment from county officials through the confiscation of their goods then Nairobi will witness a 360 turn around. 

If Sakaja lives up to his word this lot will have earned themselves a platform to promote their hustle.

in a file photo
Johnson Sakaja in a file photo
Image: The-Star

This cultural festival will be a big boost for artists and athletes, basket-ballers, volley-ballers, musicians, poets, and rappers to showcase their craft all as a unit.

Isn't that fun? well, and here is where the revelers also get to indulge and unwind in "Sherehe".

This is the picture painted by Sakaja's idea to Kenyans online and here are some of their reactions:

honalinur I am glad Governor Johnson Sakaja has seen the need to have the Nairobi Festival. We hope it will bring massive benefits like marketing Nairobi, economic boosts to the county, and cultural pride. Let it be owned by Nairobians from each of the 17 constituencies, not just a few people.

shaqtheyungin We chose the right guy!

kikuyu_og._Exactly what we need. I hope wataweka mahali special pa kupigia nduru tatu kutoa stress tondu ma!!!

Does a cultural holiday involve everyone?

Nairobi being an ever-busy town with the hustle and bustle of literally everyone could use a holiday just to unwind or rather bring a pool of business promotions and platform for creatives to shine even more in their thing.

Liken it to Christian Christmas/Islamic Ramadhan although these are religious holidays this one is specifically for the Nairobi culture.

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