• Some cultural holidays you did not know existed in Kenya.

• Nairobi Cinema festival is an annual film festival that was created to promote a cinema-going pool of audience in Nairobi

protecting the indegenous cultures from extinction
Rusinga Festival protecting the indegenous cultures from extinction
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Kenya is the number one destination for its ethnic diversity and culture attracting thousands of both local and international tourists across East Africa and beyond.

Here are several big festivals/holidays to attend here in Kenya.

1. Koroga Festival

 This is an annual festival started by Capital Fm in 2014 to celebrate music and food in form of a concert.

It has since caught up and is now the most anticipated and a must-attend festival in Kenya. The latest celebration was held in 2022 at The Garden, Moi South Lake Road from 24th to 26th June marking the 30th edition of this event.

In attendance was Taurus Riley who headlined the event pulling crowds towards the event.

2. Lamu cultural festival

This is a 3 days event that pulls hundreds of locals and gives visitors a wholesome taste of the Swahili culture that takes place annually in November.

The event involves several team-building games such as donkey races, dhow sailing races, henna painting, performances from Swahili artists such as taarab, and other traditional games.

It showcases the kind of skills required to survive on the Island even as they enjoy the relaxed and calm lifestyle.

3. Rusinga Festival

Celebrated on Rusinga Island this two days festival is set aside for the last Thursday and Friday of December every year.

The whole essence is to celebrate the Abasuba people in Kenya. Activities include bullfighting, food culture, and celebrating the indigenous Suba culture.

4. Lake Turkana cultural

The culture is celebrated annually in Loiyangalani on the South-Eastern side of Lake Turkana.

Once you attend this show you get to see the rare and exclusive ethnic cultures of Marsabit tribes, from their food varieties and way of life.

5. Nairobi film festival

This is an annual film festival that was created to promote a cinema-going pool of audience in Nairobi. This is done by involving filmmakers in a competition where they compete to make a film within 48hrs then organizing an event to announce the winner. 

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