Vera Sidika to mark 10 years of fame as a socialite

Fans have told Vera Sidika the internet is boring without her

• Vera says it is no easy feat to still be famous after 10 years.

• She has been low key since she became a mum.


vera sidika and browbn mauzo holding Asia
Vera Sidika and her bae Brown Mauzo vera sidika and browbn mauzo holding Asia
Image: Instagram

 The fact that Vera Sidika is not online a lot has many of her loyal fans unhappy.

The fans have noted that Vera is busy with her family life and so does not have any socialite drama to entertain them. They are dying of boredom.

Vera on Tuesday, September 20 returned to laugh about it recalling that she got her fame ten years ago.

In a note about being famous for that long Vera wrote

"17th December 2012, this was the date I became famous with the controversial music video. 17th December 2022 this year marks 10 years in fame!!! wow.."

Mrs. Mauzo added

"I've been famous for ten good years. Imagine and still be on top of my game. Even when I go silent for months or years I still trend and somehow get people talking even in my absence" 

For those who don't know, she appeared in the "You guy" video by P Unit. Her backside got attention and since has been rated among Kenya's most influential socialites.

"GOAT, "Vera added with a smiley emoji.

One fan told her "kazi sikuizi ni kujifundisha tiktpok dances all day . Instagram nafungua kama nataka kulala. we miss you mama ebu come back tunateseka"


Another wrote "Vee tupeange mastory hat akama ni uongo, tutaamini. These streets are nothing without you"

A third person agreed as well noting "walai hata hakuna socialite wa maana, kenya hakuna showbiz"

vera fan begs
vera fan begs

This is not the first time fans are begging Vera Sidika to return to her online theatrics.

Earlier this year, the mother of one  was tagged on multiple stories where Kenyans told her the streets are boring without her. She laughed and warned she will make a comeback.

fan beg vera
fan beg vera
vera fan mi9sses her
vera fan mi9sses her
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