• The mother of one opened up about the rumors surrounding her husbands death.

• A post mortem found he suffered from burns sustained in a gas explosion.

Ruth Matete
Ruth Matete
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Ruth Matete is back in the market.

The pastor through her you tube channel Lupaso told her fans that "ameoga and amerudi soko" is the term Kenyans use to show they want a new man/woman.

She doesn't want a time waster or a young man.

Ruth wants a mubaba and that relationship to lead to marriage after they date for possibly a year.

Is she single?Ruth hesitated, standing up to address the matter.

'That's a very sensitive question you've asked.

I am single"

Repeating and emphasizing that fact, Ruth told the interviewer that

"I am very single. There's single and there's very single. I am very single"Is she searching for someone?"

Searching? I want to be searched. The Bible says a man shall...not a woman. Hiyo nayo we cannot change that one please usikatie mwanaume"

Matete said she will never shoot her shot

"hii mambo ya shot your shot, don't do it, aki let me tell you to don't. Just don't. You would rather go on your knees and say, Lord, open the eyes of that man, let him come to me"

With her late husband Beloved John. He succumbed to burn injuries after getting burned by a gas cylinder at their home.
Ruth Matete. With her late husband Beloved John. He succumbed to burn injuries after getting burned by a gas cylinder at their home.

She weighed in on men taking long to approach a woman

"na nyinyi wanaume, mnasemanga two years,"

"So I'm waiting for a man to come and tell me Pastor when I think about you. At my age, do you think I will start thinking about it?

No, it's when is the wedding, but I'm single. These two years, I had told myself I would give myself about two years before I can now think about being with another man"

Matete encouraged the men to shot their shots and that she is very ready.She is clear she doesn't want 'vijana

'"sitaki vijana.

Nataka mzee. I am not a child bwana. I will be 37 next year. So I need someone who understands unajua umekuja kufanya nini"

When her husband died, Gospel singer and minister Ruth Matete faced accusations that she killed him.

Matete was subjected to immense cyber bullying after rumors emerged on social media that she was behind her late husband's death.

Following that, Matete recalled being in her lowest moments after losing her husband and having to bury him three months later.

A sorrowful Ruth told how bad cyber bullying got after the rumors of how her late husband, Pastor John Apewajoye alias Beloved John died.

In an interview recently on the You tube channel Lupaso, Matete recalled having to ignore the internet as she grieved while pregnant.

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