• Tyler and Georgina have one child together

• They recently got tattoos in honor of their newborn

Actor Tyler and his girlfriend are new parents
tyler mbaya baby announcement Actor Tyler and his girlfriend are new parents

To celebrate their friendship a month ago, Ex-Machachari actor Tyler Mbaya stage name Baha gushed about his girlfriend Georgina Njenga.

Tyler took Georgina for a staycation where he showered her with praise.

Putting his romantic side onm display; Tyler captioned a couple of pictures with sweet nothings. 

"From the First Time I saw you Mama😍I knew we'd be really good friends😌 Ever since, You've been my Closest Companion🤗 and Best Friend For Life💯 Cheers🥂 To many more years of an Amazing Friendship😘 Love you G" he wrote.

Gee and Ty as they are known to their YouTube subscribers told how their love for one another has grown in leaps and bounds.

On Sunday, Tyler opened up to his fans about the many questions they have regarding his personal and career life.

Tyler did this in a Q&A on his Instagram.

The question if he has ever cheated on Georgina arose.

"Have you ever cheated on Georgina"

He responded;

"You can't replace a woman that gives you both, wifey and best friend vibes. That is rare love"

Tyler also added; "Black men don't..."

Baha and Georgina recently got tattoos in honor of their newborn, a daughter who arrived in May this year.

They named their bundle of joy Astra.

The joy that Tyler experienced was like no other. The baby arrived on his birthday.

'She Came on my Birthday. We would love to tell you guys that baby and her Momma are doing great and being taken care of here @komarockmodern It’s a whole roller coaster of how things happened.

"Can’t wait to take you guys through the journey."

One fan asked Baha about the tattoo experience "How was your tattoo experience like?"

He answered "Sublime experience".

The actor also shared a video of the process he and Georgina underwent.

Tyler was also asked about his opinion on members of the LGBTQ community.

"What do you think about people from the LGBTQ community?"

He answered; "All love"

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