Keilah needs diapers - Sonie claps back at Mulamwah over ‘cash cow' claims

Keilah was picked as brand ambassador of a kid's apparel shop.

Piece by: Dennis Milimo

• Mulamwah and Sonie have constantly been in a war of words since going their separate ways.

Sonie rubbished off claims of using their daughter Keilah as a cash cow.

in earlier times
Carrol Sonnie with Mulamwah in earlier times
Image: Instagram

YouTuber Caroline Muthoni aka Sonie is still embroiled in a war of words with her baby daddy David Oyando alias Mulamwah.

On Sunday, the comedian accused his baby mama of using their young daughter as a cash cow and she has responded to the allegations.

In a statement issued via her socials, Sonie sought to clarify that she has never denied Mulamwah access to their daughter, despite him saying that severally.

"I have never denied anyone a chance to come and see his daughter and I honestly do not have much to say in that line of argument at all," Sonie explained.

She went on to also rubbish off claims of using their daughter Keilah as a cash cow or an avenue to get likes on social media.

"How can I use my kid as a job or bait? Kyla is a brand and so am I so we are two brands that are trying to make life easier for both of us to live because we have a life to live and we don't want to struggle. I don't think I am using my child, she is my child, she is my daughter, I don't have to be told am using my daughter for monetary gains.

"Where does that money go to, isn’t it for the kid? Keilah needs money, and Keilah needs diapers. We need and we have to look for money and it is for her not me. That money does not help me, it is for the kid," Sonie further stated.

in happier times
Carrol Sonie with Mulamwah in happier times
Image: Instagram

Sonie’s explanation comes hours after her daughter secured her first ambassadorial deal upon turning one.

Keilah was picked as brand ambassador of a kid's apparel shop.

Before that Mulamwah had said; “Don’t use the kid as bait for social media likes, validation, and monetary gains. Mtoi sio job. hbd queen, Tunakungoja kitale Bado 👌. Your lil Siz says hi too 😘. HBD kalamwah Keilah oyando . Blessings,”.

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