•  Miss Trudylost her mum 13 years ago on the same day she had her wedding.

• Wode wed Trudy on her mum's death anniversary to wipe off bad memories the day brings.

weds her Ghanaian boyfriend Wode Maya. The couple wed on the day Trudy lost her mum 13 years ago.
Youtuber Miss Trudy getting married to her Ghanaian bae weds her Ghanaian boyfriend Wode Maya. The couple wed on the day Trudy lost her mum 13 years ago.
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Ghanian You tuber Wode Maya and his Kenyan girlfriend recently officiated their union to the excitement of their fans.

The couple tied the knot on 10th, September 2022.

Speaking on his Youtube channel Wode has explained why he chose to wed Trudy on her mum's death anniversary.

"I always wanted to marry Trudy but when you are a young person you fee

13 years ago she lost her mum and whenever the day comes she is always crying.

I decided to make that day special for her.

I also lost my dad in April and on that day I can cry from morning to evening."

Wode says as a sign of respect he and Trudy visited her mum's grave.

In a past interview with Oga Obinna on Cooler Kula show, Trudy said she met Wode via social media.

He sent me a DM 4 years ago but I saw the message three months later. He was coming to Kenya to create content. By the time I saw the text he had gone back home. I had savings za 40 K, I had done You tube for 1 year so I decided to take a risk and went to Ethiopia.

Trudy says her bae proposed after more than 3 years after their first meeting.

“He proposed in December. I had a feeling because the sister came and asked about my ring size but I wasn’t sure because she was also getting married.

I thought she wanted to test my ring size for herself. We went to Kilimanjaro for 9 days and when we got to the peak he proposed.”

Trudy saw when she met her fiance it wasn’t love at first sight adding that his kindness won her over.

“When I met him he was not my type, I do not even know how we ended up where we are. At some point, I realized he was the one.”

The soft-spoken damsel shut critics who said she was the one who proposed to Wode

That was a prank. At the time I was in Nigeria alone while he was in Ghana, I thought of the best way to prank him and decided to propose to him. He was very surprised by the prank, the video is even on my YouTube channel. With all this beauty you expect me to propose to a man?”

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