Why Nyashinski creates music when the lights are off

Nyashinski is behind hits such as Malaika,

• Cedo recently launched his own album dubbed Ceduction.

• He studied law but has never practiced it.

He prefers creating music when the lights are off.
Nyashinski He prefers creating music when the lights are off.

Celebrated music producer Cedric Kadenyi alias Cedo has explained the logic behind Nyashinski creating music when the lights are off.

Speaking during an interview with Mpasho's Dennis Milimo, Cedo shared;

"Nyashinski must create the right physical and mental environment for him to be able to create good music.

He loves when the environment is in a certain way. If we are in a place where the lighting is too much we must set it to what he wants.

He hardly records in the studio, he prefers recording in an inspiring environment. We switch off the lights to create the right mood."

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Cedo says working with different artists on this album has been inspiring and humbling.

"I will no longer be producing music for other people. Everyone working with me will have to include me in a collabo."

He is currently trending with his album Ceduction.

The album features artists like Trio Mio;

Has he ever considered opening a music school?

"I have but It needs you to understand the curriculum and one has to be available to their students.

"Right now we are creating platforms where young people can learn the basics of music without necessarily going to class."

Cedo studied law but he decided to pursue his passion for music.

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