Madiba hints on flamboyant wedding to Jackie Matubia

Blessing revealed that they were trying to navigate round their busy schedules but he was planning the wedding of the century.

• Blessing and Jackie got engaged three months ago and have a kid together.

• The two are both in the entertainment industry as actors and influencers.

the actor said that he'd wed his baby mama in a flamboyant wedding
Blessing and Jackie Matubia the actor said that he'd wed his baby mama in a flamboyant wedding
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During an interview with Mungai Eve, Blessing Lughalo started off by thumping his chest highlighting that he is the number one actor in the country after revealing that he quite his accounting job for acting.

" I've never done anything else after I quite being an accountant and started doing this, I've done this day of my life that is Saturday to Saturday." Blessing said.

He also added that he had always wanted to be on Netflix, that was one of his biggest goals when he started growing as an actor (who has been in the industry for 9 years) because then he'd be known globally.

On how he or his wife feels about him acting romantic scenes with a partner who isn't his wife on screens he said, " Did it bother her? I don't know but I'm so blessed that she is an actor thus she understands way more than the audience would.

She understands I'm on set surrounded by crew and I'm working."

He also highlighted that he doesn't understand why people only question romantic scenes but if he shoots someone and they die in a show nobody will be like, " Blessing is a murderer, maybe that is how he is in real life.

Or something like he's a killer but when I act a romantic scene they'll be like aaii he's kissed that person sana or what does his wife feel."

Moving away from the set life, Blessing touched on his engagement with baby mama Jackie Matubia and when we should expect a wedding.

" I'm engaged but hiyo story ya harusi I think nitauliza Jackie. I would have done it like yesterday but she wasn't free.

She's always busy as well so I told her the day our schedules will be both free, I'll just take her to the nearest church and make it official." Blessing joked.

He however noted that a wedding is something special especially when you've found a dime so one needs to prepare for it accordingly and make it the best event ever.

" I took 3 months to plan the engagement so give me time to prepare the wedding so when I invite you all you will be mesmerized," finished off the actor.

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