17 things you did not know about State House Spokes person Kanze dena

Kanze is so friendly that it would be a crime to hate her.

• Kanze Dena is a mother of 3 (one is deceased).

• She is the current State House Spokes person.

She is the current State House Sports Person.
Kanze Dena She is the current State House Sports Person.
Image: Instagram

Kanze Dena is loved by many thanks to her friendly nature.

She was a face we loved seeing on our screens while she was still a presenter at Citizen TV.

Below are things you did not know about Kanze

  • Kanze was born in Kwale county to the Mijikenda community.
  • She is an alumni of Kianjokoma Primary School (today known as the St. Matthews Mixed Boarding school) and Kieni Girls High School.
  • Kanze studied Journalism and Mass Communication at Foundation College of Professional Studies.
  • In 2015 Kanze worked as a waitress.
  • She lost her first child , a daughter named Natasha in 2015/2016.
  • She worked at KBC for six years alongside the late  Badi Muhsin.
  • She worked with Citizen TV alongside Lulu Hassan.
  • She resigned from Citizen TV in 2018.
  • She was appointed as State House Spokes person in 2018 after acting in the same capacity for three months.
  • Kanze is a mother of two.
  • She is married to businessman Nick Mararo.
  • Kanze is sister to Elsa Stephens who is the 1st Runner Up MISS WORLD KENYA 2019/2020  and the 2nd Runner Up MISS UNIVERSE KENYA 2018.
  • She is best friends with Citizen TV host Lulu Hassan.
  • She loves Rose Muhando's songs, they inspired her while she was still working as a waitress.
  • She was born 42 years ago.
  • Kanze lost both her parents years ago. She hailed her success on her mum who pushed her to pursue journalism.
  • She has one child with her current husband, she also has a son from a previous union.


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