What you need to know about Symphony, the movie Tanasha made a debut in

It is a story about life, love, dreams, success, trials, societal failure and resultant effects

• This is Tanasha Donna's debut movie.

• It was shot in exotic locations across Lagos.

Tanasha Donna
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Tanasha Donna has made her acting debut in 'Symphony.' This is a musical blockbuster with youth and music as its central theme.

The Kenyan premier went down this week and was graced by the 'Gere' hitmaker, Boutross among others.

Speaking about the movie, Tanasha said;

"I think I got a round three or four scenes. I loved every single scene. I'm so excited. This is fun for me."

Asked whether she would venture into Hollywood, she said "Why not, for now, I can't predict the future,"

Speaking about the movie, Oraka Nnanyelu, the director, said it is a story about life, love, dreams, success, trials, societal failure, and resultant effects.  

“It is a beautifully crafted, priceless work of art that mirrors the everyday life of the African youth's journey to relevance,” he said.

It reflects the travails of a typical talented African youth, struggling to overcome all odds to break through."

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Shot in exotic locations across Lagos, the film parades an array of other multi-award-winning African stars, such as Nigerian singer D'banj, Ghanian movie legend Jackie Appiah, Lanre Hassan, Bolaji Amusan, Kalu Ikeagu, Efa Iwara, Scarlet Gomez, Daniel Abua, and Doris Okorie

The movie also comes with a musical album comprising original soundtracks and performances from the project, written, recorded, and performed by known stars, some of whom featured in the movie.

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