• Jovial used to be signed under Otile Brown's record label but is now an independent artist

• She said she doesn't need to fit into societal norms or please people for her to grow

on why she doesn't sign new artist
Jovial on why she doesn't sign new artist
Image: Instagram

Kenyan recording and performing artist Jovial has come out to shut down netizens bullying and pressuring her to sign new/upcoming artists as a way of giving back to the community.

The former Otile Brown signee made it clear that giving back was a personal decision and one that needed to be done wholeheartedly not just for accolades. 

"The emotional blackmail in my DM's about giving back to the society... specifically by signing new artists! Well giving back is a secret between me and my God, I don't do the whole social media parade," part of Jovial's post read.

Triggered by all the people bugging her, the 'Jeraha' hit-maker went on to advise people to ditch village mentality and educate themselves before ranting or attacking someone over a topic that they had no clear knowledge of.

" And please let us be exposed! Signing an artist is not giving back, it is business!" Jovial stated.

She went on to slightly give an overview of how the music industry and signage work. But I mean, haven't people learned anything from Wasafi's drama with its signees or just here home Miss P and Willy Paul?

The mother of one went on to add, " I sign you, you bring me money! You screw up, I take you to court. I choose not to walk on that road... Stop with the emotional blackmail!" 

Jovial finished off by noting that she was spiritual and she and her God had a good relationship that did not require her to sink into societal norms for her to receive blessings.

" My blessings overflow on a daily, me and my God are just looking at you guys..." Finished off the melodious artist.

What are your thoughts on the whole " giving back to the community," ideology?

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