All about Chiki Kuruka's dance studio

Chiki says dance should be a unifier

• She opened the dance studio in 2021.

• Dancers are making money from TikTok.

Chiki Kuruka
Chiki Kuruka
Image: Courtesy

Dance Enthusiast Chiki Kuruka has spoken all about her dance studio 'The Dance Shagz.' The studios which were opened in 2021 have attracted people in and out of the country.

Speaking to Mpasho's Kalondu Musyimi, Chiki narrated;

"There is space that a lot of dancers hire, we have studios big enough that a lot of artists can come and rehearse with their bands.

We've also hosted a lot of dancers who want to come and do master classes. We've hosted master classes from all over the World. We do one on one sessions too."

Chiki added that people dance for many reasons

" Some for fun and others for fitness. We have options for the dancers to access the facility."

Chiki said she cared about the dancers and making sure that dancers can teach and are much more affordable.

So where are we are an industry?

"I think Kenya has phenomenal dancers. If you are talking about talent, there's so much talent. When it comes to industry, which is the business behind the talent, it's still growing.

For a very long time, dancers have been treated like things that are behind the musicians or things that come on before the artistes come on, it is now that you see the dancers are making money like from Tik Tok."

Chiki refers to herself as a Soca queen;

"It is about keeping your energy from start to finish. It's incredibly high energy. Being able to execute fast, clean, and on already high ppm."

Chiki is currently influencing Smirnoff to flavor your edge.

"My message is consistent and its freedom.

It doesn't matter your body type or level of skill you have; dance should be a unifier for everyone. Everyone should be able to access it and that's how I flavor my edge."

On the 24th of this month is Smirnoff Flavour with Edge and it's all about good vibes, coming together, freedom.

Everyone has their flavor and their edge and we should be able to celebrate what’s unique about their edge."Chiki is currently on a countrywide tour.

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