Why Nandy and Billnass wedding almost never took place

Billnass says so many things went wrong but the wedding finally went through.

• Nandy was angry on her wedding day over people who kept stepping on her wedding gown.

• She and Billnass recently welcomed their first child.

Their wedding almost never happened due to the many challenges faced on that day.
Billnass and Nandy on their wedding day. Their wedding almost never happened due to the many challenges faced on that day.
Image: Instagram

Nany and Billnass wedding almost never happened.

Before you get it twisted, here are the details.

On the wedding day, everything was conspiring against the couple but they persevered the challenges to finally tie the knot.

The challenges on their wedding day were too many.

In an interview with Wasafi Media, Bill explained that he never slept because he was chasing after his wedding suit.

"At 4:00 AM I hadn’t  slept yet because I didn’t have my wedding suit, it was misplaced.

I was going back to the hotel at 7:00 Am to prepared myself for the wedding which was happening at 9:00 AM"

He went on to say that minutes before the wedding, one of the best couple threatened to pull out of the ceremony.

"The bride was late and at the church we were already having a challenge with a best couple who wanted to pull out on us. We were almost not tying the knot.”

Drivers to the cars he had hired also gave him challenges.

"I had booked so many cars and when I arrived in church, none of them were there."

In a past interview Nandy explained the reason she was upset on her wedding day is that people kept stepping on her wedding gown.

Speaking in a recent interview with CloudsFM, Nandy said by the time she got to the altar, several people kept stepping on her long wedding gown.

She explained that even the veil came off, and that made her get mad.

"Nilipofika kanisani watu walikuwa wengi na gown ilikuwa ndefu. Watu walikuwa wananikanyaga veil inatoka, wananikanyaga veil intaoka. Sasa nilikuwa tayari nishakanyagwa sana mpaka naingia pale mtu tena amenikanyaga ikabidi nigeuke nimuangalie yaani unaelewa unachofanya?

(When I arrived at church, there were so many people and because my gown was long, people kept stepping on it and the veil came out several times. Before I got to the altar, someone stepped on my gown again and this time round, I was forced to turn back and look at them)," she said.

Nandy and Billnass tied the knot in a colorful wedding on Saturday, July 16, at the KKKT Church in Mbezi Beach, Dar es Salaam.

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