Stevo Simpleboy meets his fiancee's parents

Miss Gee, Stevo's girlfriend took to Instagram to thank her man for meeting with her parents for their traditional wedding

• Stevo Simpleboy proposed to Miss Gee two months ago in a small ceremony that seemed like the set of a video shoot

• Miss Gee later opened an Instagram account dubbed Mrs_Stevo simpleboy

stivo simple boy kisses his fiance Miss Gee
Image: Instagram

Stevo  Simple Boy has come out to address the issue of his fiancee's Miss Gee deep in tears.

In the video, the damsel was deep in tears and dramatically pulling at her headgear and singing along to a sad Swahili song about a breakup. 

Stevo claimed that girls seeking fame were trying to sabotage their relationship and that is why his babe had been crying.

He also promised her that he would not leave her and their wedding plans were still in motion.

"Mambo ya mtandaao na umbea za wanadada wanao tafuta fame isikushtue siwezi kuwacha kipenzi..." part of Stevo's paragraph read. 

He went on to add, " Wachana na vita vya mtandaao kabisa... Pole kwa kukukosea... Nataka dunia ijue nakupenda Sana @mrs_simpleboyofficial kuenda kuona wazazi wako Leo nikitu ambacho singefanya kama sikupendi." 

 The budding musician finished off by highlighting that he indeed did love her and that is why he'd gone to see her parents for the traditional wedding.

He also promised that he had a big surprise for her that he'd be unveiling tomorrow.

" Leo ilikua siku kubwa kufunga ndoa ya kitamaduni na wewe tushukuru mungu imekamilika na usishtushwe na vidada wa mtandaao wala message wanazo ni tumia kutuvunjia ndoa nakupenda bado... Nina zawadi yako Ntaweka wazi kesho."

Miss Gee also posted a video claiming that she had forgiven Stevo and moved past whatever the incident was.

Telling haters that even though they had hurt her by the insults they'd hurled at her relationship was still going on strong before thanking her fiancé for meeting with her parents.

Kenyans were however not having it and claimed the two were on clout chasing mission guessing that Stevo was about to drop a new song any time soon. 

Below are a few comments: 

chriskirwa:Kuna video muna release soon ama?

_valeh679:Stevo ukianza hizi tutakuchukia vibaya sana

maskcappy_150k: 😂😂wtf is that

seanbetsy: Kiki ya Wimbo Mpya labda

onyangopamela3609: Hii inakaa machozi ya Kitungu ama Mentho plus😂😂rob😌 anyway

harl_marcx: Hii ni ngoma

What are your thoughts on all this drama? 

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