• Anita announced the arrival of her daughter with her husband Barret Raftery in a beautiful Instagram post.

• Their daughter was born 16 days ago.

The new mum says her new-born has a big appetite like that of a fundi making breast feeding a bitter-sweet experience.
Anita Nderu and her husband Barret. The new mum says her new-born has a big appetite like that of a fundi making breast feeding a bitter-sweet experience.

Anita Nderu has shared her breastfeeding experience as a first-time mum.

The content creator says the experience has left her confused.

Through her socials Anita shared

"Spent the last week daydreaming of when I was still pregnant.

The 4th trimester feels like I lied with CHEST at a job interview for a high-ranking position and now it is time to deliver on my oh-so-false CV and promises.

That same CHEST I lied with has been put to work in ways I am too shocked for my brain to compute into sentences.

They are either swollen and leaking, being sucked down to lifeless bag pipes that fall till my toes, or are being pumped with different machines with high expectations (especially for the left boob that has picked up the pace since I called her out on my Insta stories😄)."

Anita says being a new mum has kept her busy thus she hasn't been able to shoot content for her Vlog.

She sarcastically shared her daughter's appetite with that of a Fundi. Fundi's are known to eat heavily due to the tasking jobs they do.

"I haven't even had the strength to shoot a vlog cause I need strength to laugh at my fun struggles.

 I am scared of shaking while laughing and wasting any milk cause I gave birth to a Fundi.

She can smell me wasting milk from a mile away and ensure I pay dearly for it during the next breastfeeding, I think she has teeth that retract and show up during breastfeeding.

I kid, she is good at latching, a little too good actually."

The new mum joked that she feels like all her 'sins' have been sucked up by her daughter thanks to her good appetite.

"I can swear a little bit of my soul and sins are sucked out of me every feeding cause my conscience has been feeling lighter lately.

In case I've ever pissed you off and you've been wondering why karma doesn't seem to have caught up with me?

Let me tell you now, we are square, we are even, we are goooood! I have over-compensated this week, I think you should forgive a few more people you are mad at I have been working for them too."

In conclusion, she added

"I hope your week is going phenomenally, sending you loads of love and well wishes! Do me a favor, tap your tits for me in solidarity, please! Thanks❤️"

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