• Baringo Deputy Governor Charles Kipng'ok passed away on Wednesday while waiting to board a Kenya Airways flight from Nairobi to Mombasa.

• Citizen Tv on their online platforms posted pictures of KQ planes to convey the message

She has criticized Citizen for using KQ photos to convey death
Singer Akothee She has criticized Citizen for using KQ photos to convey death
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Kenyan performing and recording artist Akothee has come out to condemn media houses, especially targeting Citizen TV for using pictures of branded Kenya Airways aircraft to convey messages of people passing away.

Akothee highlighted that unless the aircraft had crashed there was no need to use KQ planes to announce the death when they could use the deceased pictures or the one who caused the unfortunate event.

"What I have never understood is why the airline's picture is used whenever death occurs yet it has not crashed, or crash landed.

People travel with a lot of underlying health conditions, it's by bad lack that death knocks when list expected." Part of Akothee's post read.

The self-appointed chairlady of single mothers defending the airline noted that no air company would allow a passenger to travel in a commercial plane while critically ill. 

She insisted that media houses using the airline's picture to announce the sad passing away of the newly elected governor Charles was demeaning especially since the cause of death was not directly linked with the airline.

He died before boarding a KQ flight on Wednesday.
Baringo Deputy Governor Charles Kipng'ok He died before boarding a KQ flight on Wednesday.

" I doubt the Airline would allow any passenger traveling in a critical condition to board the plane, and if it's so then there are medical measures taken. 

This is demeaning the credibility of the Airline especially when it has occurred 3 times in a row. I sincerely think Citizen is not doing justice to THE PRIDE OF AFRICA. 

@officialkenyaairways This is the only international Airline that we have as a nation.💪 , for us to compete in the market share we don't need negative publicity especially when the cause is not directly linked with the craft." Akothee wrote. 

Before adding, "as an investor, I think This kind of publicity doesn't do justice to us even as a nation. I sincerely & honestly think we can do better publishing news in a better way. Unless it's personal.May the soul of mheshiniwa rest in peace."

A statement released by Kenya Airways, details that the passenger developed breathing difficulties before being pronounced dead.

"Kenya Airways PLC (KQ) regrets to announce that a passenger developed breathing difficulties this evening while boarding KQ612 that was scheduled to depart for Mombasa at 1900hrs," the statement said in part. 

Charles was pronounced dead by the Medical personnel at JKIA before the plane took off.

The airline sought to clarify that the situation at the airport was being handled.

They went on to pass their heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of the deceased passenger.

“The JKIA health and security agencies are currently handling the issue.

"We convey our deepest condolence to the family and friends of the deceased during this difficult time," KQ said.

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