• She was ready for a change and cut them off, much to the surprise of her fans.

• The mother of one now has a short, cute hairdo.

Carol Sonnie at the Radio Jambo studios
Carol Sonnie at the Radio Jambo studios

This weekend Carrol Sonie pulled a fast one on us when she without warning chopped off her signature dreadlocks, revealing a brand new short-hair do.

And now, after giving us some much-needed time to adjust, move on, and get used to her new look, she’s explaining why she got the cut in the first place. (Spoiler: It’s not what you’d expect.)

The mother of one said that her decision was well thought out.

"Tumenyoa tuone Kama mambo itaenda Sawa😂😂 Anyways, new look loading....."

Muthoni Ngethe aka Sonie's last message before cutting off her locs was at a photo studio where she was dancing along to the song 'No Wahala'.

At the time, she gave no indication that she would do something different.

"Weekend mood activated."

Carrol has had her signature dreads for as long as we can remember and now, in a drastic turn of events, they appear to be gone and replaced by a short equally colorful cut.

The baby mama to Comedian Mulamwah has become synonymous for her gorgeous blonde locs.

Naturally, Instagram had a field day with the news.

celinsally  'At least ulikuwa unakaa mopper' one wrote.

Even actress Nyce Wanjeri of the Auntie Boss series commented writing, 'Go girl'.

Another alice_njoki_ chimmed in that You already transformed looking pretty and young😍😍

Below are some more reactions;

simply.cyTo new beginnings 🔥🔥🔥

mutuku6504Weeh,umekaa mrembo sasa🔥🔥🔥❤️

meryl_kemboiVery beautiful 😍

Other Kenyan celebrities who have cut off their dreads just this year alone include Sean Andrew, Willis Raburu, Dj Sadic.

Many of them have described the reasoning for their hair transformation and the need to start fresh with shorter hair.

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