• Otile Brown has been touring in the USA the past few weeks.

• The 'Chaguo la Moyo' singer met one of the biggest names in the rap game while shopping in ATL.

The 'Dusuma' singer met with popular American rapper Lil Baby
Otile Brown. The 'Dusuma' singer met with popular American rapper Lil Baby
Image: Instagram

While some celebs clout-chase to keep themselves in the spotlight, some like Otile Brown don't need to as their talent, skills, hard work and money bring them that fame organically.

The 'Dusuma' singer has been touring in the United States of America and had the privilege of meeting famous rapper, Lil Baby.

The two met when Otile had gone to purchase some jewellery and bumped into the well-known Atlanta rapper who was also shopping.

The two spoke a bit with Lil Baby even posing with one of Otile's entourage. The Kenyan singer posted the precious moment on his Instagram page with his caption describing the 'Make it Out' rapper as a humble soul.

"Bumped into @lilbaby at the @icebox chopped it up for a sec .. humble soul. ATL see y’all @ KORE STEAKHOUSE in a few."

The video excited and impressed many of his followers who were quick to comment on their favourite artiste rubbing shoulders with the who and who's in the hip hop scene.

Others suggested that our Kenyan musician should ask for a collabo from Baby (something I don't think is out of the realm of possibility considering all the America/African collaborations in the recent years).

Some of those response are below;

kev.wasike Just like that🙌🙌

franck_man_Wa star wa 2 nao wapenda duniani wamekutana🔥❤️

don_kachiziFinally kenya kuna msaani ame ingia ice box 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

iamsmall_jay😂😂 setting the pace OBIZEE

iam99jay😂😂😂lil baby alikohoa venye ulimwongelesha😂😂mkuu rada

kelly_todoboy@otilebrown si ata uombe collabo bwana hapana toka izo shenziiii kabisaa babaa😂👏

al_lati.fI think this the first Kenyans artist mwenye ameingia ice box 🔥🔥🔥

That Otile is buying jewellery from the Icebox is another notch on his feather considering that it is one of the places in exclusive places where rappers in particular go to buy their jewellery.

The reason can be summed up succinctly by Memphis rapper NLE Choppa who said, “I have a relationship with every single one of the brothers." He added that he valued the Icebox for “how caring they are, how helpful they are. They're very informational about everything.” 

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