• Anita Nderu thanked her husband for being a present dad and a supportive husband.

• She also hinted that she wouldn't mind a second child in the next few years.

The couple is celebrating their first wedding anniversary.
Anita Nderu and her husband Barret. The couple is celebrating their first wedding anniversary.

Former radio Presenter Anita Nderu and her husband Barret Raftery are today celebrating their first wedding anniversary.

Taking to her socials, Anita praised her husband for being her rock. 

"It's our 1st wedding anniversary. Happy Anniversary To My Love @barrettraftery. My Soulmate, My Lover, and Kaya's Father.

"My Today, Tomorrow& Always My Heart & Soul My Rock, and My Husband," Anita remarked.

In her post, Nderu documented all the good things that have happened in their relationship over the past year. 

"A year later and I am still in awe of the wonderful man I get to share my life with❤️A year later and we've made magic of 365 and a quarter days and the most beautiful baby.

Time flies when you are having fun❤️I love the version of us that we bring out in each other❤️I love the safe space created to be ourselves in our default settings.".

They are celebrating their first wedding anniversary.
Anita Nderu with her husband Barret. They are celebrating their first wedding anniversary.
Image: Instagram

Anita says she loves how effortlessly she and her husband communicate and the fact that they gossip about anything and everything.

"I love our conversations about anything and everything. You are my favorite gossip partner. I love catching your eye from across the room and telling you how much I love you.

"My handsome human, you are proof that things we wish for in our forever human exist in unimaginable ways.

"A lifetime sounds pretty darn great now that I get to share it with you❤️There's love in everything you say and do for us," she continued. 

The content creator thanked her husband for gifting her a daughter.

"Kaya has the most amazing father in you, she is one lucky nut to call the most present, thoughtful, loving, caring, pro-active, sweet, and playful man Dad She is going to have the most fun navigating life with you. 

"Thank you for making me a Mummy and being incredible during and after pregnancy❤️It was easy and wonderful because I had you actively being present in every way you could. I would do it all over again! (In a couple of years please)".


"Here's to many more years and decades to follow! Let's grow older, wiser, lovelier, healthier, wealthier, and goofier together. 

"I will always have your back, your front, and your sides. May we raise Kaya to know that love like this exists and be the best version of parents that we can be. May we always know love, happiness, honesty, laughter, kisses, and cuddles. I love you, Baby! Happy Anniversary."

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