• In-coming deputy president Gachagua told off his critics on his dress-code in the past.

• Gachagua stepped out looking very sharp in a black suit, red tie and while shirt leaving his fans wowed - many praising his designer.

In-coming Deputy president Rigathi Gachagua
In-coming Deputy president Rigathi Gachagua
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Deputy-President-elect Rigathi Gachagua has left netizens congratulating him on his new look.

Gachagua stepped out looking very sharp in a black suit, red tie, and white shirt leaving his fans wowed with many praising his designer.

Gachagua has been a victim of trolls over his dressing code.

Pictures of him donning oversize jackets are always shared online as memes.

A few months ago, a Twitter user gave suggestions on where Gachagua can get slim-fit suits to improve his image. 

"They are not expensive. It is a place you will get very affordable suits that will make you look stylish and people will start seeing you as a Deputy President," the anonymous netizen wrote.

Well, while speaking to Mpasho's Elizabeth Ngigi last month, about the memes, the incoming Deputy President told critics that he is not bothered by their words. 

"The people who matter in my life are my family, and they are very happy with the way I dress,".

"What other people say is not my concern. I don't dress for people, I dress for myself." he said.

Here are comments from his fans on a recent photo posted by Mohamed Ali on his social media platforms;

munga_sauti_teule: Angalau suti ya leo imemtoa fity sio kama ile siku tulitangazwa washindi

smoc24434: Leo Suti ya Dp umeweza sio kama ile ya Oiboo Ovuolovuvu.

antonia_silvia: Ako smart sana but sasa tie iko kando ...grooming inamlemea kabisaaa.

neymarescobar925: Ndio ndio baba, Bora Leo kapendeza kiasi, oe Simba mtakatishe.

eldoret_master: kumbee alibadilishaa pedi wa sutii.

iamalmasmaitha: Atlst now the outfit today is dope.

murigi_wanjiru: Leo Mr G amweza luku retain that fundi

r.afude: Suit ya DP leo imeshika proper.

amos_480k: The DP should maintain the standards.

malichajnr1: My DP this time suti imeenda class.

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